Are you worried or confused? You are not sure, and you will like to confirm if he really loves you or is just playing around with you. Or perhaps yours is the desire to know if he is having sex with you and not making love to you. You might also want to know the signs to watch out to make you see if he truly adores you.

This article is for you. It answers all the above questions. It lets you ascertain if your man is truly making love to you and not just having sex with you.

It might interest you to know the difference between making love and having sex. Studies have shown that some people find it hard, pointing out the differences. Some do not even know that both terms differ.

In a nutshell, the significant difference between making love and having sex is the emotion and passion involved. Although both mean actual sex, however in some cases, the sex can be just for the gratification of sexual desire or seduction rather than proof of love.

In the build-up to making love, the motivation is different from mere sex with a random person because love is involved. Also, while making love, communication is usually unique, the entire atmosphere is different, and it is believed to be more intense than just having sex. In summary, during love-making, the primary attention is not mainly on sex but instead on the exchange of emotions and intimacy.

Below are the primary signs that he is making love to you

  1. The way he looks at your face
  2. How he kisses you
  3. He focuses more on foreplay than sex itself.
  4. He puts more attention on your feeling.
  5. He will not rush you.
  6. The way he looks at your face

During the intercourse, you need to watch how he gazes at your face. A man who loves you will want to see your face and admire it even more while still using it to understand how you feel about sex. You can know if he sees you as a sex toy if he looks elsewhere during sex and does not look you in the face.

Even shy persons who can hardly look people in the eye get their courage during love-making sessions. They also find it easy to behold their lover’s eyes. That guy or man who looks at your face during intercourse is not just having sex with you but also making love to you. He does not only have sex with you but instead sees you as his true love.

  1. How he kisses you

Kissing is also of different types. One can be more intense and romantic than the other. If a guy truly loves you, he will not just kiss you, but he will do it passionately as if he is pouring out all his love into you through the mouth. This romantic kiss quickly turns you on more because you can sense the pure love in it and get to confirm that he genuinely loves and cares about you and not just on the sex.

However, a guy who does not love you may not even kiss you often. When he does, it might just be a peck, or it will lack the intense romantic expression that would otherwise have come with it if he loves you.

It is important to note that a guy who loves you will kiss you as often as possible, and the kiss will not lead to sex most times. But a guy who does not love you will kiss you less. When he does, the man will make sure he has sex with you because that is what he wants.

  1. He focuses more on foreplay than the sex itself

Foreplay is the sexual activity that comes before intercourse. It involves kissing, caressing, romance, etc. All these activities make the sex itself last long and make both partners wet before the sex.

A guy who loves you will take enough time to do foreplay because it is during foreplay you both get to share more intimate moments better than some sex styles. Sex styles only focus on the gratification of your sexual desires. The guy who loves you will check to see if you are okay and fully stimulated before rushing to sex.

A man who does not love you will do a little romance and go straight to having sex with you. He will not care about foreplay and exploring your body well.

  1. He puts more attention on your feeling

When having sex with a man who loves and cares about you, he will keep checking for how you feel—caring to know if you are hurting or enjoying. He will care to see if you enjoy a sex pattern or style than the other. He will try to satisfy you in every step of the sex.

Someone who does not love you will not care if you are enjoying it or not. The man will be focused on his enjoyment and gratification rather than anything else.

  1. He will not rush you on it

The man who loves you cares about your feelings and emotions; thus, he will not be in haste to have sex with you. He will instead relax and get to understand you well. He will love to know if you are ready and even seek your consent. He will not hesitate to stop if he notices you are not happy or satisfied.

The man who does not love you will not care about the above. He might want everything done very quickly with so much rush since your body is all he wants.

Signs He Is Enjoying You Sex with You

Having pointed out how to know if your man loves and cares about you and not just having sex with you, it is equally important to see if he is enjoying love-making. Love is reciprocal, so once you are sure that he is making love to you and not just having sex, which implies that he loves you, you should also seek to make him enjoy it.

As much as the man certifies the signs earlier listed above and tries to make you satisfied, you should also make efforts to get him happy. In most cases, however, some women do not know when a man is not enjoying love-making, so here are signs to consider.

  • He will moan for you and call you pet names.
  • He kisses all parts of your body and your lips.
  • He will not bother to satisfy himself.
  • He will keep smiling directly into your eyes.
  • He will change style once he notices you do not enjoy the current one.

Signs He Is Having Sex with You but Not Making Love

  • He will withdraw once he is fully satisfied. He might even leave you hanging
  • He will find it hard to kiss you for a long time
  • Romance and foreplay will be hard for him; he can’t wait to have sex with you
  • He will use only one pattern and be going slightly too fast
  • He will choose a style that he loves and not consider how you feel about it

Signs That You Two Are Enjoying Love-making

  • There will be communication between you two all through the love-making
  • Both of you will feel happy and relax in each other’s arms
  • The usual shame or guilt that comes after sex will not be found
  • You will find yourselves looking at each other’s eyes while making love

How to Last Long in Bed

Often, the agitation and fear of being good in bed has damaged a lot of relationships. Even if sex is not the main aim of relationships, its importance cannot be underplayed. Thus, both partners need to work on how to last longer in bed to satisfy the other person. Here are a few tips for you

  • Initiate foreplay
  • Talk dirty and play with him
  • Try to be in charge
  • Spice up your sex styles
  • Drive the mood in so many directions before going into love-making

Signs He Will Come for More

You may be wondering if he enjoys love-making. You are sure to know he enjoyed it once he comes back for more. These are signs that he will come back for more

  • He will admire you all over again
  • He will keep reminding you how sweet you are on bed
  • He will hug you and drag you to the wall
  • He will romance and kiss you when he gets the opportunity
  • He will give you the green light and signals

Signs He Is Totally in Love with You

There are other ways to prove love aside from love-making. Here are some of those ways:

  • He will always long to see you
  • He calls you now and then
  • He will travel from afar to check on you
  • He will always keep his eyes on you and even save your photo
  • He will buy you gifts often like pants


A man who loves you will not be focused on just having sex with you alone. Instead, he will prove his love in other ways. When you both agree to make love, it will be evident that he is not just for the sex.

He will always seek to make you happy both in bed and in other areas. It’s all up to you to watch out for the signs and see if he is making love to you or just having sex with you.