Is a guy spending time with you and you are not sure if he wants to hang around or really wants you? A guy could hang around a girl for various reasons and it might be difficult for the girl to tell exactly why she is hanging around.

If you are looking to find out if a guy wants you bad, simply continue with this article as it contains signs that can help you know how badly a guy wants you.


A sign a guy wants you so bad is he will not mind sacrificing for you to be happy. Making you happy might cost him a lot. But he will do it anyway. Although he will always be happy you get what you need, he will even be happier if you get it from him. He will be quite sad if he is comfortable but notices you are unhappy.

Increased Communication

The level of communication between two people is an indication of how close they are. If a guy wants you bad, he will always ensure you both have the right level of communication. If he is into you but not spending time with you on the phone, he most likely does not have your number yet. He, however, will go to any length to ensure he gets your number. He could do this from mutual, friends or even from you. As soon as he has your number saved in his phone, he will ensure he stays in touch with you constantly either through call or chats.

Beyond just being in touch with you through calls and chats, he will also want to spend time with you in person. If you are not interested in seeing him physically, he most likely will not allow your rejection to get to him.

He Will Avoid Getting You Angry

One sign to look out for if you are wondering how much a guy is into you is how much effort he puts into making you happy. Often, guys make a lot of effort to ensure the girl they are into always stays happy. They will do about anything to avoid her getting hurt even if it means them getting hurt themselves.

A guy that is very much interested in a girl will never hesitate when she has a need. A lot of times this is done to keep her happy.

He Will Shower You with Compliments

This is something to expect from any guy that is interested in you genuinely. Complimenting a girl is a way lots of guys make a girl know they are interested in her.

He Will Always Appreciate You

If all you do for him is say “hi” in the morning, you can be certain he will appreciate you for it. In addition to appreciating your greeting, he will also show a great deal of appreciation for any time you give to him. While appreciating you, he might not go-ahead to tell you what exactly it is that he feels. You, however, will not need to ask as he will reveal what he feels with his actions.

In addition to appreciating the little time you give him, he will also appreciate your words, your appearance and your smile every time.

He Will Always be Proud of You

Not everyone is proud of the people in their lives. Regardless of this, when a guy wants you bad, you can be sure he will be proud of you regardless of what the circumstance is. He will also want to show you to his family and finds without being ashamed. The implication of this is he will bring up ideas that will make you both go out together frequently. The only time he might want to keep you away from people, is if doing so will help you avoid getting hurt.

He most likely will not ask for Sex

This is an important sign to lookout for. When a man is sincerely into a woman, he most likely will not ask for sex. While he will not reject sex, he will let things happen naturally.

When a man is not truly interested in a woman, he will always pester her for sex because all he is really interested in is bedding her. Also, if you notice a guy is willing to spend a lot of time with you and does not disturb you for sex, he just might be very much into you and does not want to do anything that will make him lose you.