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10 Great Movies With Nudity As A Bonus

Readers who have been visiting Sexpressed for a while know that I love movies. Obviously I like porn movies a lot since I’ve reviewed a bunch, but I also have a lifelong love affair with movies that don’t feature hardcore fucking. In another life, I would be a film critic or possibly even a film director. Yeah, I …


How To Clean Your Ass For Anal Sex

The Sexpressed “How To” videos are chock full of useful information about sexy stuff. In “How To Prepare For Anal Sex”, I go over the steps to giving yourself an enema in an effort to show you how to clean your ass. After all, one of the biggest concerns people have about trying anal sex for the …


Getting A Vasectomy

I’ve known that I don’t want to have children for a long time…in fact, I’ve never wanted children. Even as a young boy when people asked what I would name my future kids I knew I didn’t actually want to have them (I still had names prepared for the question though, because naming a kid …


Text Messaging Is Ruining Relationships

A concerning thing has been happening to our society in the past few years when it comes to dating, relationships, and friendships. It happened so subtly and so quickly that we didn’t even really seem to notice it until it had already changed everything for the worse. In fact, even if someone had tried to …


The Orgasm Responsibility

A few days ago, I received a question from a girl that I started to answer in preparation to post in the Sexpress Yourself section. As I was writing my answer out, I realized that the particular topic she brought up is a bigger thing than my usual 400 – 600 word answers could cover, …