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Text Messaging Is Ruining Relationships

A concerning thing has been happening to our society in the past few years when it comes to dating, relationships, and friendships. It happened so subtly and so quickly that we didn’t even really seem to notice it until it had already changed everything for the worse. In fact, even if someone had tried to …


You’re Just A Guy I Met On The Internet

A few months ago I published an article called “Text Messaging Is Ruining Relationships”. In it I talk about how the ability to text message someone has made it so that the responsibility towards the relationship you have created with them, however small, is much more easily disposable the more ever present the communication technology …


Boyfriend Loves Anal, But I Don’t

My boyfriend has a real thing for anal sex. I had never done it before so I was nervous but I’ve heard from lots of girls (and from you talking about Eloise, obviously) that anal sex is awesome, so I was down to try. We did all the stuff everyone recommends like using lots of …


Fetish And Kink

I talk a lot about fetishes and kinks on Sexpressed. A lot of people have difficulty coming to terms with their fetishes and kinks, especially when they are really “out there”, and they come to me (and others, I’m sure) to find out if they are “normal” or not. But what is “normal”? What’s the …


My Relationships

You may be a bit surprised and/or confused as you read Sexpressed and see me at times refer to having a girlfriend and also having sex with other girls. “Is Scott broadcasting online that he’s a cheating scumbag?” you’ll ask yourself. The answer is definitely no…let me explain. I am a “polyamorous” person. Polyamory literally …