Sometimes coming up with jokes about a thing is hard. You have to figure out how to mock or poke fun at a particular topic without coming off as a jerk, and still make it all funny. It can be tricky. But there are some situations where coming up with a joke is so easy that pretty much anyone can do it. For example, let’s take this story about Gerkary Bracho Blequett, a 20 year old Florida woman who claims to have the world’s longest tongue.
I mean, come on…this is so fucking easy.

Women and men who want to see Ms. Blequett’s long tongue and then fantasize about the monstrous licker going to town on their genitals can check out this article which has plenty of pics and videos where she illuminates just how long her tongue actually is. She can, as an example, lick her own elbow. She can also lick her eyes and earlobes. Just think what she could do with your penis or vagina, dear reader.

The current Guinness World Record holder for having the longest tongue is a fellow by the name Nick “I Am Always Drowning In Pussy” Stoeberl, whose tongue measures 3.97 inches. Blequett hopes to dethrone Stoeberl in the near future by having a representative from Guinness meet her and “measure her tongue”, if you know what I mean.

Interestingly, Blequett’s mother said about her daughter: “She is going to be very famous with her long tongue.”

Mom, you have no idea how famous your daughter is going to be.