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How To Clean Your Ass For Anal Sex

The Sexpressed “How To” videos are chock full of useful information about sexy stuff. In “How To Prepare For Anal Sex”, I go over the steps to giving yourself an enema in an effort to show you how to clean your ass. After all, one of the biggest concerns people have about trying anal sex for the …


Getting A Vasectomy

I’ve known that I don’t want to have children for a long time…in fact, I’ve never wanted children. Even as a young boy when people asked what I would name my future kids I knew I didn’t actually want to have them (I still had names prepared for the question though, because naming a kid …


From Sea To Mouth And Also Ass To Mouth

Living in New England can really suck. This past winter proved that New England living can be fucking awful. But despite what Game Of Thrones may try to tell us, winter is over and not coming back for quite a while, so now New England living is awesome. Now we have warm weather and lots …


What Is Compersion?

When I tell men about my non-monogamous relationships they usually all say, “Woah, that’s fucking awesome!” immediately. Then they usually ask a clarifying question, just to make sure they heard me right: “So you have a girlfriend and she’s cool with you banging other chicks? And you have threesomes? And you go to sex parties?” …


The Problem With Polynormativity: A Response

Generally I try and stay out of polyamory discussions, especially when those discussions involve the word “community” or some sort of derivation of that term. The idea of polyamory needing a “community” should be as ridiculous as the idea of monogamy needing one, or being gay, or liking hentai porn, or whatever else you can come up with. I …