If you still don’t know when a woman older than you is interested in you, this post is for you, you should read through. We will briefly discuss the signs that show that an older woman is crazy about you. Hopefully, after reading, you will understand the signs that mean that she’s interested in you.

Signs That Show That She’s Interested in You

  1. The way she looks at you

A sure way you can know if an older woman likes you is by the way she stares at you. If she keeps looking at you on every occasion, then you may be of interest to her. Once you observe her starring at you, then you should know that she is interested in you.

  1. She will devote more time to be with you

Older women don’t have many friends. It can take some time before you see older women hang out with new friends. So, if she prefers to be with you always and feels so comfortable and calm whenever she’s with you, then she might be telling you that she’s interested in you.

  1. She tells you a lot about herself

Most of her discussion with you will be about her. She will be eager to tell you about how she spent her day and tell you about a man who drove her home. All these tales are just a way of telling you that she is adorable and that she wants a relationship with you.

  1. The way she caresses you

You can easily detect if an older lady is into you by the way she caresses you. If she is so quick to hug or cuddle you, then you can be sure enough that she likes you. So, be observant of how she touches you because sometimes, she might not even do so intentionally. But this is a sign that if you proposed to her, she would jump at the opportunity.

  1. She initiates discussions

Most of the time, she will engage you in deep conversations that will interest you. She won’t just start such conversations; she will also make sure you contribute to the conversation. And then she pays sincere attention to whatever you say in the discussion.

She will also interrogate you about your private life and the things you love. She’ll always ask you lots of questions whenever she’s with you. She will ask you so that she can know more about you. This is a clear sign that she’s interested in you. If you observe these signs in her, be rest assured that she wants a relationship with you.

  1. She wants to know about your current relationship

A hint about how to know if she’s interested in you is if she asks you questions about your relationship. If she asks you about your partner and tries to understand more about your relationship, she might not necessarily care about your partner; instead, she might be telling you that she’s interested in you.

Another hint is when she tells you about her personal life. If she then tells you she’s single, even if you haven’t asked her, it is a big signal that she wants to have a relationship with you. Come to think of it; she doesn’t have to disclose much about her personal life, not to talk of telling you if she’s single or not. So, if she does, then she wants you no doubt.

  1. She always tries to get your attention

If an older woman is interested in you, she will always find every means to be where you are. She will want to be around you so that you can notice her, and she can easily have some discussions with you. She won’t just show up wherever you are, and she will also do things that will interest you so that she can gain your attention.

A typical example is when she shows up at a party that she quite knows well that you will attend the same party, and then tries to do things that will make you hang around her. When you notice such behavior, she’s not too worrisome; she only wants you to know that she likes you.

  1. She will always commend and support you

If she always compliments you now and then, try to read her body language and understand what she has in mind. She might be telling you she’s interested in you. Also, she will always show interest and support in whatever you do. She will always encourage you and stand by your side.

  1. She will love to tell you about her past

Generally, it is not so comfortable for women to discuss their past life with you, except that they are interested in you. She wouldn’t turn down any slight opportunity she has to tell you about her past life. She will comfortably discuss with you what she wouldn’t discuss with any man. When you notice all that, then you have just been informed that she wants a relationship with you.

  1. She’ll want to share things with you

Whenever she goes shopping, she will shop for you also. She will always want to share things with you. If she buys cloth, she will buy the same type for you. If she cooks, she will always cook yours too. After all, she’s not a kid; she knows that food is way to most men’s hearts. She will share snacks and drinks with you just because she wants a relationship with you.

  1. She makes naughty jokes with you

You can’t just make dirty jokes with a random person. So, if she makes dirty jokes with you, this is not only telling you she likes you, but she’s also telling you she will want to have fun with you on the bed. But in all, she can only crack such jokes when she’s interested in you.

The above are just a few ways to know when an older woman has an interest in you. You only need to be attentive to how she behaves when you are around her and how she treats you.

How to Make Her Fall for You?

Before you can make an older woman develop feelings for you, there are some specific moves you must make. You need to know these things and bear them in mind. These procedures work like magic because I have examined and practiced them. So, if you will like to know every detail about how you can make her fall for you, read below.

  • You must be a friendly and funny type of guy. This is because she’s older than you, and she has probably passed through a lot that you are not aware of, and so she might not be easily incited. So, you must be able to brighten her mood somehow and make her happy.
  • Also, offer some assistance whenever she needs help. Prove to her that you’ll always be there for her, not just by words alone but also in action.
  • Try always to be intimate with her and be sincere in whatever you tell her – whether in your discussions or she asks you. This is because she might not be happy with you when she discovers that what you have told her isn’t true.
  • Do not bring up issues about your relationship with any other girl, whether present or past. Except she asks you.
  • Know what she loves and what she hates. Do what will impress her, buy her favorite gifts for her. Avoid doing what she hates and agree with her on what she says.
  • Behave well and be matured in your dealings with her. Avoid doing things that will look childish to her.
  • One more thing you need to be careful about is that you should not demean yourself because she’s older. Do not take yourself for granted.

How You Can Avoid Her

If she develops some feelings for you and she has been showing some of the above signs. But you are not interested in her, and you want to avoid her. Then the guidelines below will help you, and her interest in you will fade away with time.

  • Avoid being around her. If she insists on being around where you are, be ready to leave the place.
  • Talk more about your relationship with other women
  • Once you know what she hates, do it every now and then
  • Whenever you are in discussion with her, do not show interest in whatever she says. If she makes advances to touch or hug you, do not be moved.
  • If you are currently engaged, invite your girlfriend over from time to time.


With all these written, the best way to avoid someone is to maintain distance from the person.  I believe that you can now make an older woman fall for you and avoid her when need be.