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10 Great Movies With Nudity As A Bonus

Readers who have been visiting Sexpressed for a while know that I love movies. Obviously I like porn movies a lot since I’ve reviewed a bunch, but I also have a lifelong love affair with movies that don’t feature hardcore fucking. In another life, I would be a film critic or possibly even a film director. Yeah, I …


Blame The Cheater

Everyone knows of or has been someone who’s been cheated on. It sucks. No one would ever elect to be cheated on because it leaves you feeling betrayed, sad, and with your self-worth pummeled right in its metaphorical face. You’d think that since no one wants to be cheated on that very few people would actually inflict …


Tips For Bigger Loads

Something that really turns me on in porn is when guys shoot loads and loads of cum onto a girl’s boobs. I really want to do this with my girlfriend and she loves the idea, but every time I ejaculate it just sort of dribbles out. How can I make myself have bigger loads and …


Mattress Girl Emma Sulkowicz

You’ve probably heard of Emma Sulkowicz, but you may not know her by name. I have been diligently following the details surrounding Emma Sulkowicz for a long time now. For those of you who are just joining the party, Emma Sulkowicz is better known as “Mattress Girl”. In August 2012 Emma was having consensual sex …


Signs he Wants You Bad

Is a guy spending time with you and you are not sure if he wants to hang around or really wants you? A guy could hang around a girl for various reasons and it might be difficult for the girl to tell exactly why she is hanging around. If you are looking to find out …