The question “how long can a crush last” is one that has been lingering for a long time and people do not seem to have a perfect answer to it. Going by this, the fact that you are reading this article is perhaps an indication that you are seeking answers to this question.

This question is quite tricky, you, therefore, will have to pay close attention while reading so you do not miss out on any detail.

There really is no definite period a crush is supposed to last. The length of time a crush lasts is basically dependent on how long one is crushing on another person. There is no limit to how long a crush can go on for. It could be a few days, some weeks, or a few months. It could also last for years, or an entire lifetime.

A simple example of this is. One might be crushing on an individual they are not opportune to meet. Now, if you are crushing on a fellow for a long time and you are unable to get a private time to talk to them, it might seem the love is gone. That, however, might not be the case. Now, in this situation, the crush might be gone. However, there are times it remains and only resurfaces when you meet them in person.

In its simplest form, crushing on an individual can be likened to loving such individual and waiting just for the right time to meet them physically. This, therefore, is an indication that it never dies. It could only seem forgotten and resurfaces when there is an opportunity.

What Does Crushing on Someone Mean?

You can’t tell exactly how long a crush should last if you do not even know what crushing on someone means. So, what is a crush?

One is said to have a crush on another when they fall in love with such person and are willing to spend time with that person. However, in this situation, if you do not get the privilege to talk to the person you are crushing on, the crush will remain. This situation is not peculiar to women. Men also crush on women. It, however, appears more rampant among women. The reason for this is women have a reputation for not saying exactly what they feel. What they will most likely do when they are crushing on a guy is to wait patiently until he walks up to them.

What Do You Experience When You Have a Crush on Someone?

One thing virtually everyone that has a crush on an individual experiences excitement when the person they have a crush on is around them. It does not matter how far or how close. So long the person they like is close to them, most people will be happy.

While being happy is one thing that people experience when they have a crush on someone, there is more. It is difficult for one to say no to their crush when the crush makes a request. They also find it difficult to get angry with them. Furthermore, there is a feeling of nervousness when their crush is around. Additionally, you might see your crush with your eyes closed or when you dream.

Finally, when you speak with them for a long time, you will feel satisfied. Sometimes, you might not want the conversation to end. Well, in this situation, you do not have a choice as it will definitely come to an end.

How Long Do Guys Crush on Girls?

When a guy has a crush on a girl, it takes a long time to get over it as compared to when a girl has a crush on a guy. It even gets more difficult for a guy to come over a crush he has on a girl if the girl is aware he has a crush on her.

To a large extent, when a girl notices a guy has a crush on her, she might act like she does not know he has an interest in her. She might also have a crush on the guy. She, however, will never admit to having a crush in front of the guy. Beyond not admitting to having a crush, she might even never give the guy an opportunity to talk to her. She will do this using lots of excuses and a great deal of shyness. Nonetheless, she will wish she gave him a chance to talk to her.

There are lots of reasons it is difficult for a guy to come over a crush he has on a girl. One of these reasons is he might always be around her without having the opportunity to really talk to her. Often, the girl keeps avoiding the guy until he begins to dislike himself for having a crush on her. While a good number of girls make it difficult for a guy to get the chance to talk to them as soon as they know he is crushing on them, others make the process very easy by simply being friendly. Although there are girls like this, they are a minority.

How Long Do Girls Crush on Guys?

It does not take a lot of time for a lady to get over a crush on a guy. This is even more common when the guy knows she is crushing on him and feels the same way about her. When a lady has a crush on a guy and the feels the same way, he will most likely be very friendly towards her and this will go a long way in helping the girl.

How to Stop Crushing on Someone

There are times it is as though a crush dies by itself. Other times, one has to take active steps to kill a crush. If you have been crushing on someone for a long time and have not been able to get over it, the tips below can help you do so.

  • Avoid stalking them on Social Media: It is not a break from the norm for people to go on social media just because they want to stalk someone they have a crush on. As much as you must avoid them physically, you must also avoid them on social media.
  • If you have mutual friends, you might always come across them. You, however, will have to do everything in your power to ensure they are out of sight. Even if you come across their update, you simply need to ignore it.
  • Go Out and Meet New People: Go out, meet new people, and make new friends. This might not seem like much. It, however, can go a long way in keeping you happy when you are away from your crush. You should not depend on the love or affection of your crush to be happy. When you mingle with other people, it is only a matter of time before you forget about your crush.
  • You should not avoid them: This is perhaps the worse way to get over a crush. If you have a crush on someone, there is no point in avoiding them. If you avoid them, you will simply be hurting yourself. When you come across your crush, you just need to ignore them and say “hello”.

Do this like you have no feelings for them. When you do this, it is only a matter of time before you get over whatever it is you feel for them.

  • Learn to Deal with the Truth: Accepting that you do not have anything serious with a crush can be difficult for some people. Nonetheless, if you must come over a crush, you should remember that you are not in a relationship with them yet. A crush is one person being in love with another. It is not mutual. So, avoid assuming the feeling is mutual. When you have a crush on someone, you do not have to be together. You have to treat it just like this.
  • Stay Away for Them: Staying away from someone you have a crush on for a while can help you come over some of those feelings. This might not be very easy as you will always want to be around them. Nonetheless, being around them is not the way to get over this feeling. To get over a crush, you will have to get so occupied with work. When you are busy, it will be difficult to remember them.
  • It is Okay to Approach Your Crush: This is not always easy for lots of people. It, however, is one of the ways to settle things once and for all. You just might not know. There, however, could be something about your crush you will dislike. This might be all you need it to stop being interested in them.

Beyond finding out something you do not like about them, you could also start something if the feeling is mutual.