TALK BACK: A Non Monogamy Problem

When Miranda and I had dinner with Mae the other nite Miranda brought up one of my most recent sexPAST posts, “One Of Non-Monogamy’s Downfalls”. Give it a read before continuing with this so you’ll know what I’m talking about. Miranda was a bit confused about some things and ORDERED me to do a Talk Back post about it clarifying things for readers since she said that other people

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TALK BACK: It’s Over

I’ve been receiving a small degree of flak (or at the very least questionable comments) from friends and readers for my post a few days ago talking about the end of my relationship with Nicole. I wanted to take some time to clarify what I said there and make sure that people can see where I’m coming from

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TALK BACK: Fear Of Non Monogamy Is No Excuse

My post called Fear Of Non-Monogamy Is No Excuse generated a little heat…I got some questioning emails and a comment from a girl named Sarah that I really wanted to address at length. Here is Sarah’s unedited comment in full: 

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