Something that really turns me on in porn is when guys shoot loads and loads of cum onto a girl’s boobs. I really want to do this with my girlfriend and she loves the idea, but every time I ejaculate it just sort of dribbles out. How can I make myself have bigger loads and shoot them forcefully like they do in porn?


You’re assuming two things, both of which are only partly true. The first thing you’re assuming is that all guys in porn shoot massive loads at massive speeds, which is not true. Steve Holmes, one of porn’s biggest and most enduring male stars, almost never “shoots” his loads. They just dribble out of his dick like a leaky faucet (see a video compilation of Steve’s cum shots here). Granted, there are people like Peter North who have legendary amounts of semen come firing out of them like a small cannon (see GIF here). But for every Peter North there’s a Steve Holmes.

The second thing you’re assuming is that male porn stars have total control over their semen amount/firing intensity. Peter North has admitted numerous times that he does nothing special to achieve the insane amounts of semen he ejaculates; he was just born that way. Most male porn stars are in the same boat, they just ejaculate the way they ejaculate and leave it at that.

That all being said there are some ways to make your cum shots “better”, if one could put it in that crude of a term. I’ll let you in on the secrets here:

BIGGER LOADS: If you’re only blowing little tiny bits of semen naturally and want to have a big nice one when you’re with your girlfriend, the most basic thing you can do is “save up”. Don’t ejaculate for a few days so your body has plenty of time to produce a bunch of semen. Porn stars do this all the time: if they know they have a shoot the next day they abstain from sex the nite before so that they have plenty of cum for the scene. You can get your body to make even more if you also do some “edging“, which is a term used for getting yourself near to the point of ejaculation and then stopping so no ejaculation occurs. If you “edge” a few times a day, whether it be through sex or masturbation, the next day you’ll blow way more cum than you’ve ever seen yourself blow before. Finally, there’s a “cocktail” (pun intended, I’m sure) that some guy on 4Chan came up with that supposedly makes your body produce higher quantities of thicker cum. You can read about that here, but I’ve never tried it so I have no idea if it works or not.

MORE INTENSE SHOT: Getting your semen to shoot across the room may never happen if you’re naturally a “dribbler”, but there is a very easy way to make it happen on a more intense level than usual. Running the length of the bottom of your penis is your urethra, the tube which carries your urine and semen from its point of creation to the outside world. When you are about to ejaculate (like, right about to ejaculate) grip the base of your penis in such a way that your urethra is completely closed off, not unlike stepping on a garden hose to stop the flow of water. Hold it there for a second or two and then release and watch as your semen shoots out like an explosion. Once again, it may not shoot at Peter North rates but it will absolutely shoot farther and harder than you are used to. It also gives you a delayed orgasm which can be interesting and different in some ways, so that’s a bonus side effect. Obviously just make sure you don’t hold it too long otherwise complications could occur. Play around with it when you masturbate so you can get the technique down and then show your new found trick to your girlfriend’s boobs at a later date!