Facebook Fails To Remove Child Porn

Last week I wrote a Newswire about how Facebook has been flagging pictures of women's tattooed breasts for removal and how that was causing some outrage. Yesterday I posted a Newswire about a private Facebook group dedicated to revenge porn-style photos of Marine servicewomen. And now I'm going to post a Newswire about Facebook failing

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Uber Investigating “Rampant” Sexism Claim By Blogger

Man, Uber just can't catch a break. Their drivers keep raping customers (which I've written about a few times in this Newswire column), they didn't come out against Trump's stupid fucking immigration ban, and now they are being torn apart in a blog post by a woman who claims that she witnessed and experienced rampant

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Colorado And Illinois Now Have Over-The-Counter Birth Control

Let's say you're a woman who wants to take some birth control pills. You are sexually active and want to fuck people, but want to do whatever you can to avoid getting pregnant before you're ready for children. How do you get that birth control? Well, you can't just walk into a pharmacy and pick

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Teen Girl Live Streams Rape Of Her Friend, Gets 9 Months

Back in April, 2016, a story broke about a teen girl who live-streamed the rape of her friend on the social network Periscope. Now sentencing has finally been handed down in that case, and Marina Lonina, pictured, got herself 9 months in jail for filming her friend being sexually assaulted by a man they'd just

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Man Suing Uber Over His Wife Divorcing Him

Everyone understands how Uber works now, right? A person who owns their own vehicle signs up to be an Uber driver and is notified via text message when someone requests a ride through the Uber app. The driver uses the app to agree to pick up that person. On the way to the pickup, the

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