RealDoll To Release First Talking Sex Robot

By now most people have heard of the company RealDoll and the product they sell: lifelike sex dolls for the lonely gentleman. The dolls are sized and shaped like real women to the specifications of the owner, can be posed in various positions, and have three fuckable holes. The only think it doesn't do is

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She Has A Male Best Friend

Reader’s Question My girlfriend has a best friend who is male. This makes me really uncomfortable. She texts with this male best friend all the time and I have no idea what they’re talking about. Sometimes I ask and she says “Nothing”, but I know there’s something. I asked her if I could read

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Pornhub And YouPorn Now Encrypted By Default…Just Like Sexpressed

For those of you out there who either live under a rock or use this site as your sole means of getting the news (thanks!), you probably missed that Congress repealed a law that was previously put in place to protect your internet privacy. Now that the law is repealed, anyone...and I mean anyone...can buy

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Facebook Fails To Remove Child Porn

Last week I wrote a Newswire about how Facebook has been flagging pictures of women's tattooed breasts for removal and how that was causing some outrage. Yesterday I posted a Newswire about a private Facebook group dedicated to revenge porn-style photos of Marine servicewomen. And now I'm going to post a Newswire about Facebook failing

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Uber Investigating “Rampant” Sexism Claim By Blogger

Man, Uber just can't catch a break. Their drivers keep raping customers (which I've written about a few times in this Newswire column), they didn't come out against Trump's stupid fucking immigration ban, and now they are being torn apart in a blog post by a woman who claims that she witnessed and experienced rampant

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