Woman Accidentally Posts Nude Video To Town Instagram

Technology is so funny. People use technological things every day of their lives like mobile phones, computers, social media apps, cameras, etc. But they don't know how those things work. They know enough about them to use them for a specific purpose or two, but after that it's all Greek to them. Isn't that bizarre?

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SC Bill Would Block Porn On Every Computer Sold

You can't stop porn. It's here and it's never going anywhere. It is only going to get easier and easier for people to access and become more and more acceptable for people to consume. If you are against porn and are trying to stop people from making or watching it, you are fighting a losing

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Woman Impersonated Ex On Facebook, Sent Herself Threats

Between September and December of 2015, the ex-boyfriend of Stephani Renae Lawson was arrested on four separate occasions. The charges were a direct result of him sending threatening messages to Lawson via the social networking site Facebook, which you may or may not have heard of. Lawson had gone to the police with the threatening

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