Playboy Rolls Back, Will Feature Nudity Again

Way WAY back in the days of old (2015) a struggling "men's magazine" called Playboy announced that they would no longer feature nude pictorials in its issues. Even though the magazine was a trailblazer for pornography and is literally synonymous with naked women, the decision was made to turn the property from "skin mag" to

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My Fiance Watches A Lot Of Bondage Anal Porn

Reader’s Question My fiancé watches a lot of bondage anal porn where the man is penetrated by the woman with a strap-on or a shemale who penetrates the man. We haven’t done the bondage thing, although we have discussed it a little. I tend to be more dominant in bed and bondage isn’t something

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VIDEO POST: My Wife Wants Me To Watch Gay Porn A reader's wife has a strange request: she wants him to watch gay porn with her. She even wants him to talk about gay sex while they have straight sex. This makes the reader very uncomfortable! What should he do? Ask A Question Sexpress Yourself Video Posts are released

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Other Guy Who Caused Fappening Sentenced To 9 Months

Back in October I wrote a Newswire about how a guy named Ryan Collins pleaded guilty to causing "The Fappening", which is the (proper) colloquial term for the large leak of celebrity nude photos from women like Jennifer Lawrence, pictured, Kate Upton, Gabrielle Union, and more. But he wasn't alone when he hacked the accounts

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