14 Women Sue GirlsDoPorn.com

Back in the day, shooting a porn scene involved a lot: multiple high-quality cameras, lights, a full crew, an elaborate set, catering, a manufacturing company for the physical video to sell, a website to promote it, magazine ads, and not to mention the talent to actually screw on camera. You wouldn't need a Hollywood budget

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Principal Stole Nude Photos From Students’ Phones

Pedophiles are some of the worst people alive, but sometimes you have to admire the ingenuity they have to accomplish their crimes. There have been some seriously creative ways that pedophiles have indulged in their pedophilia throughout the years, and today's story definitely belongs near the top of the list. Stephen Kyle Goodlett, pictured, was

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Stupid Guy Wants To Make It Legal To Sue Porn Makers

Remember how a while ago I wrote an article about a guy in Utah who labeled porn a "public health hazard"? Well, a different guy in Salt Lake City is decrying porn as a "public health crisis". These guys must be sleeping together or something! Not only is Senator Todd Weiler, pictured, calling porn a

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Woman Accidentally Posts Nude Video To Town Instagram

Technology is so funny. People use technological things every day of their lives like mobile phones, computers, social media apps, cameras, etc. But they don't know how those things work. They know enough about them to use them for a specific purpose or two, but after that it's all Greek to them. Isn't that bizarre?

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