Cop Watched Child Porn On The Job, Charged Overtime

When someone is found with child pornography by the police, the porn is evidence of a crime. Just like a hair sample or a blood stained carpet, it is meticulously cataloged and put into a safe place monitored by the appropriate officers. The hopes of this, of course, is to aid in the conviction of

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What Is It With Break Up Sex?

Reader’s Question I had lunch with an ex-girlfriend of mine recently. During our chat it came up that she remembers the last time we had sex…which was angry “break up sex”…as some of the best sex of her life. It was interesting because I remember that sex with her better than any other. Why

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Court Stops Child Molester From Suing His Victim

Scott Newton Kerns, pictured, pleaded guilty to indecent deviate sexual intercourse with a child under 13 back in 2000. He was given a 7.5 to 20 year sentence for the crime he pleaded guilty to. He is currently in prison serving that term. But apparently Kerns has had a change of heart, because suddenly he

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Facebook Fails To Remove Child Porn

Last week I wrote a Newswire about how Facebook has been flagging pictures of women's tattooed breasts for removal and how that was causing some outrage. Yesterday I posted a Newswire about a private Facebook group dedicated to revenge porn-style photos of Marine servicewomen. And now I'm going to post a Newswire about Facebook failing

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Marines Had Facebook Group For Pics Of Naked Servicewomen

The few. The proud. The Marines. The pervs? Who would've thought that a primarily-male group that is encouraged to be as masculine as possible would start to treat women like objects and degrade and humiliate them? Well, if you didn't think that was possible, this news article will be a big surprise to you. For

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