Man Arrested For Owning Child/Animal Porn

Owning child porn is really bad. It's disgusting, illegal, and immoral. Owning bestiality porn is really bad, too. Maybe not as bad as child porn, but still really fucking gross. Well, Russell Conrad, pictured, was just arrested for owning pornography that features both: children engaging in sexual acts with animals. This is the first I've

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Bill To Block Porn On ALL New Computers In Alabama

Back in December, I wrote about a South Carolina bill that was written which would block pornography on every new computer sold. You would have to then buy the ability to watch porn from the state. You can read the article here, it's a laugh riot. Well, Alabama wants in on some of that ridiculous

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Pornhub And YouPorn Now Encrypted By Default…Just Like Sexpressed

For those of you out there who either live under a rock or use this site as your sole means of getting the news (thanks!), you probably missed that Congress repealed a law that was previously put in place to protect your internet privacy. Now that the law is repealed, anyone...and I mean anyone...can buy

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Cop Watched Child Porn On The Job, Charged Overtime

When someone is found with child pornography by the police, the porn is evidence of a crime. Just like a hair sample or a blood stained carpet, it is meticulously cataloged and put into a safe place monitored by the appropriate officers. The hopes of this, of course, is to aid in the conviction of

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