A Sexpressed Threesome And Geek Out

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about threesomes here on Sexpressed. People loooovvvee threesomes. I know that because the keyword “threesome” and other related terms are a big draw for the site. People put the word “threesome” into a search engine and then somehow end up here, maybe to read this article, or this

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Goodbyes, Relationship Confusion, And Gangsta Signs

Last week’s Quickie was all about me doing nothing, and this week’s Quickie is going to be full of me doing, thinking, and feeling a lot…possibly even too much. But hey, that’s life, isn’t it? One day you’re sitting on your couch in the dark, amidst a pile of empty Pop-Tarts wrappers, watching Anal Whores In

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Adventures In Online Dating With Ada

Before I get into the Quickie nonsense, let me make one thing perfectly clear: you need to go out and vote today, if you live in the United States. Seriously. I happen to live in Connecticut so due to the stupidity that is the Electoral College my state’s vote is essentially already cast (Hillary, duh)

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How To Arrange A Threesome

Having a threesome is one of the most common sexual fantasies around. Specifically, the fabled MFF threesome is the one everyone wants. The “M” stands for “male” and the “F’s” stand for “female”, and the arrangement of the letters signify that a man will be having sex with two girls who will also be having sex with each other. A FMF threesome would be a man having sex with two women but with the women not doing anything sexual together. See how that works? Most men are absolutely smitten with the idea of having a MFF threesome for the obvious reasons of having

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New Girls, Bernie Sanders, And Becoming A Reddit Celebrity

Hmmm…where to begin, where to begin? I’ve got some super cool stuff to talk about but I don’t know what order to go in. This is tough stuff, you know what I mean? It’s almost like…OH MY FUCKING GOD WITH THE NOISE ALREADY. Sorry, I’m writing this on my deck and since I live in

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