Perpetually Pregnant Woman Killed Six Of Her Newborns

Some people try for years to have children. They take supplements, do exercises, and obviously fuck all the time. They do everything they possibly can to get a sperm...just one! successfully fertilize an egg. But sometimes it just doesn't happen for people. And then, sometimes, you end up like Andrea Giesbrecht, pictured, who has been

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Republican Illegal Immigrant Incest Nitemare Come True

Republicans love to talk about how threatening and horrible undocumented citizens...sorry, "illegals"...are in this country. They tell stories of rapes, thefts, and murders, and how countries like Mexico are "not sending their best". It's a tired and silly scare-mongering tactic to fuel nationalist emotional responses, garner votes from the dumbest of the dumb, and keep

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Father Shoots And Kills 14-Year-Old Daughter’s Boyfriend

Guns are not my thing. I have never even held a gun, let alone shot one. I have nothing against guns, I just have never made it a priority to use one. I think guns are fine if you're using them for a specific purpose, like hunting game or doing that thing where you shoot

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Girl Raped, Murdered, Infected With STD on 10th Birthday

Hold on a minute while I crack my knuckles...**crack**. OK, now I'm ready to ruin your fucking day. A few months ago a story broke about a 10-year-old girl who was raped and killed by her mother's boyfriend. Her mother, a meth addict, had allegedly held her daughter down during the rape. The mother also

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Man Rapes And Murders Girl, Her Mother Helps Him

Earlier this morning I had some good news to share about the pope being A-OK with women breastfeeding during church services. It was the kind of story that makes you smile and think that the world isn't the horrible fucked-up place you feel it in your heart to be. I found myself overwhelmed with a

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