Girl Raped, Murdered, Infected With STD on 10th Birthday

Hold on a minute while I crack my knuckles...**crack**. OK, now I'm ready to ruin your fucking day. A few months ago a story broke about a 10-year-old girl who was raped and killed by her mother's boyfriend. Her mother, a meth addict, had allegedly held her daughter down during the rape. The mother also

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Man Rapes And Murders Girl, Her Mother Helps Him

Earlier this morning I had some good news to share about the pope being A-OK with women breastfeeding during church services. It was the kind of story that makes you smile and think that the world isn't the horrible fucked-up place you feel it in your heart to be. I found myself overwhelmed with a

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High School Student Impregnates Teacher, Kills Her And Their Son

Sheesh, this one is pretty fucking depressing. Didn't Christmas just happen? Isn't the world supposed to be a friendly and lovely place for at least, I don't know, 4 or 5 days after Christmas? I mean, Carrie Fisher is fucking dead and I'm writing about people killing babies. What the actual fuck is wrong with

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Man Proposes To Girlfriend, Is Denied, So He Kills Her

The general rule is that unless you are 99.99999% certain that she will say "yes" you probably shouldn't propose to your girlfriend. Yes, everyone thinks it's super romantic when a guy just comes out of the woodwork and claims to want to spend the rest of his life with a certain special someone, but just

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Man Suddenly Admits He Killed His Married Girlfriend

Cheating is the worst. Nothing tells a person that you don't give a fuck about them like cheating on them does. If you really don't like someone and you really want them to suffer, you should get into a relationship and then cheat on them, because it's easily one of the worst things in the

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