Fuck You 2016, Let’s Fuck Through 2017

FUCK YOU 2016. FUCK YOU 2016. FUCK YOU 2016. I just have to get a few more of those out of my system. I know everyone has been talking about how horrible 2016 has been and it's kind of cliché to even be talking about it, but come on: 2016 was pretty fucking terrible. So

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A Sick And Lonely Christmas

Christmas is normally a joyous time of year. Christmas trees, presents, cookies, Die Hard, etc., are all on deck. But this year was a sadder Christmas than most. It was certainly a lonely Christmas for me. You see, Eloise spent Christmas with her family in upstate New York which left me at the house by myself.

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It’s A Kinky Salon Valentine’s Day

There’s something you all should know about me and Eloise, and that’s this: pretty much every year we either come close to or actually break up around Valentine’s Day. It’s been a phenomenon that’s come and gone like clockwork for the past three Valentine’s Days. Our main working theory is that February is the worst time

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