Dine-And-Dash Online Dater Is Total Douche

Just think about all the first dates happening today. There's gotta be so many...maybe hundreds of thousands? Millions? I'm not sure but it's a lot. People meeting for drinks, coffee, movies, dinner, etc., all over the world. One of those daters might be Paul Gonzales, whose stupid, ugly, douchebag face fills the collage attached to

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Author Creates Dating Profile For Husband Before She Dies

Children's book author Amy Krouse Rosenthal, pictured, went to the doctor with a pain in her side. With her loving husband holding her hand, they both assumed it would be appendicitis...an uncomfortable but easily-fixed problem. Unfortunately, they were instead told that it was ovarian cancer and she had only a short time to live. The

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What Is It With Break Up Sex?

Reader’s Question I had lunch with an ex-girlfriend of mine recently. During our chat it came up that she remembers the last time we had sex…which was angry “break up sex”…as some of the best sex of her life. It was interesting because I remember that sex with her better than any other. Why

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