White Girl With Black Boyfriend Needs Free Money

To be perfectly clear: I am running a crowdfunding campaign right now. Crowdfunding is cool; I obviously have no problem with crowdfunding because I am participating in a crowdfunding program. I'm only pointing this out because I'm about to get all nasty about a story that involves crowdfunding, and I don't want anyone to come

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Arranging A Threesome Is Fun!

Remember how I got sick over Christmas and was generally miserable? Well, apparently I didn’t really heal up from that. I thought it was just a quick little head cold or whatever, but it most likely was something considerably more severe because it led to me getting conjunctivitis! Conjunctivitis is more commonly known as “pink

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Man Banned From Starbucks For Asking Barista Out

Most of these Newswire posts are pretty cut-and-dry for me to write: someone does something stupid, and I write about how stupid it is for them to have done that stupid thing. It's like shooting fish in a barrel! But this one is actually tough for me because it's not as simple as "stupid person

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