I Love King Crimson But Hate Boston

I’ve mentioned this before, but I hate Boston. I just think it’s a lame city. Like, some cities are gross (Los Angeles), or collapsing (Detroit), or violent (New Haven), or infested with hipsters (Portland), but Boston is just lame. It’s a very lame place filled with lame stuff. I totally accept that there are cool things

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Rockin’ Out With Pearl Jam In Worcester

As the title suggests, last nite I was in Worcester, MA seeing Pearl Jam for the first time. One of my very best friends is a huge Pearl Jam fan…so huge that he’s seen them like, 45 times or some huge ridiculous number. He’s traveled half-way across the country to see their shows, is in the

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Mandy Patinkin And Dinner With Ace

Because my job is awesome I get free tickets to things all the time and last nite I got free tickets to see Mandy Patinkin perform a one-man show. You probably know Mandy as the lead character from Criminal Minds, or Saul from the Showtime series Homeland, but millions of people know him as the

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