Star Wars, Butt Sex, Poly Dating, And Noodles

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Hoo boy! I’ve had myself a packed week and have a lot of cool things to talk about. Before I get into the butt sex and poly dating and all that fun stuff, let me geek out a bit about Star Wars. Ada and I saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on Thursday during a sold-out showing. And I don’t know folks, but I think it might be my second-favorite Star Wars movie. I’m going to have to see it again to make sure that I’m able to back that up fully but walking out of the theatre I felt it was better than A New Hope but not as good as The Empire Strikes Back. It certainly was way fucking better than The Force Awakens. I mean, I liked The Force Awakens just fine, don’t get me wrong, but it was such a rehash of A New Hope that it was hard to really give a fuck about it. Rogue One avoids that issue by being a very new take on the Star Wars formula. I really enjoyed it. I’m sure most of you have already seen it by now, but if you haven’t I suggest checking it out!

OK, done being a geek. Actually wait…no I’m not. I have to talk about science now. Have I mentioned that Ada is a scientist? Well, she is! In fact, her fake name Ada is a reference to Ada Lovelace who was a mathematician, scientist groupie, and is generally considered to be the first computer programmer. She was a super cool woman and you should read up about her. Anyway, Ada is a scientist and she took me to her scientist lab and let me fuck around with her science shit. Here’s a pic of me doing some hardcore science:

poly dating

I can do a science!

It’s hard to tell, but I was fucking with these tiny worms…I was essentially burning them to death with hot metal. Sadistic, I know, but it was all for science. Ada said that I could change the world with the work I did in the 4 or 5 minutes I sat behind her microscope burning worms to death. OK, she actually didn’t say that, but I like to imagine she did.

OK, now I’m really done being geeky. Now I can geek out about things that aren’t so geeky, like butt sex…and sex in general. Ada and I have had a bunch of sex, including the aforementioned butt sex. I also had sex with Zoe, too! But not butt sex…Zoe’s not quite ready to make the leap to the world of butt sex. She’s still working through a lot of the shit you have to work through when you’re raised in a Christian cult. If you don’t know what I’m referring to then you should read this thing she wrote for Sexpressed that talks all about it.

I also did some poly dating! I went out on a first date with a really cool lady…ALSO a scientist! I’m just getting scientist ladies like whoa right now. She and I got some tea together and talked about polyamory, open relationships, sex parties…you know, the things I’m always talking about. She seems really awesome, we are going to go out for sushi together this week. Oh, and speaking of sushi, here’s a photo of me eating another kind of Japanese food…ramen!

poly dating

Slurp it up, bitch.

That’s all I’ve got to talk about for now. Next time you hear from me it will be after Christmas, so I hope you all have a Merry Christmas if you’re celebrating. And to my Jewish readers, I hope the start of Hanukkah is good for you! And any other holidays that are happening around this time…I support those as well. Have fun and stay safe and I hope you all get lots of presents.

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