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Last nite I went out to a concert with Eloise and some friends of ours. The band playing was actually a band that I used to play with all the time back in the day when I was playing music instead of writing about sex. It was like a little trip down nostalgia lane! They played songs I hadn’t heard in years and years and it was great shooting the shit with them backstage just like old times. They’re called Planeside and they play good ol’ fashioned rock and roll because they are rock and roll dudes! Give them a listen sometime, if you’re into that sort of thing. And here’s a picture of us all hanging out together like the old dudes that we are:

Buncha rock and roll dudes.

Buncha rock and roll dudes.

I also had some sex, as usual. I actually just had sex with Bella like, 20 minutes ago or something, which was awesome because having sex with Bella is most excellent, especially when her fabulous butthole is involved. Bella has a great butthole, take my word for it. Also, Bella has entered the wonderful world of Twitter, so you can now follow her if you feel so inclined. Just click here to visit her profile (EDIT: Profile has since been removed), and don’t forget about Eloise’s profile and, of course, my very own Twitter profile.

I’d like to send out a big “thank you” to all the people who have bought videos since the new site has launched…it’s very humbling! Some people may not want to buy videos but still would like to support Sexpressed, and if you fall into that category I have hidden a Donations page on this site. There’s no flashy sign for it or link barrage that’s trying to convince you to donate, but if you want to donate something just find the link and do it up. It’s like a little scavenger hunt…

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