Rockin’ Out With Pearl Jam In Worcester

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As the title suggests, last nite I was in Worcester, MA seeing Pearl Jam for the first time. One of my very best friends is a huge Pearl Jam fan…so huge that he’s seen them like, 45 times or some huge ridiculous number. He’s traveled half-way across the country to see their shows, is in the fan club, has an apartment covered in PJ posters…he’s a super fan. We’ve been friends for a loooooonnngggg time (I was the best man in his wedding!) but for some reason I’ve just never gone with him to see a PJ show. That changed last nite! I went and it was a lot of fun and they rocked the house. Always good to see a band that just comes out to rock and that’s it: no special light show, no costumes, no bullshit, just pure rock and roll straight to the gut. I appreciate that kind of thing.

In case you’re not aware, Pearl Jam are known for playing very long concerts. Our show had three sets and clocked in at just under 3 hours. That’s getting your money’s worth, there! And there are two Pearl Jam songs that I really like, as in I think they would be in the top 500 songs of all time list: “Not For You” and “Release“. They didn’t play the latter, but they did play the former, and I was glad for that. The rest of the set was great but I feel like if they didn’t play ONE of the songs I really loved, that would have been disappointing. Strangely enough, they played “Release” at the previous nite’s show…weird.

Here’s a photo of me with my wrist band on:

They rocked, but their name is still stupid.

They rocked, but their name is still stupid.

I posted some pics from the show on my Twitter page. Remember I’m not on Facebook anymore, only Twitter! You should follow me there!

We got some dinner before the show at this hipster pub place that had some really weird food. I got a flatbread (basically a personal pizza) that had mozzarella, kale, apples, sweet corn, and lemon juice. It was weird. It was good, I suppose, as in I ate it and enjoyed eating it, but I don’t think I would ever order it again. It was like having sex in the shower: you’re glad you did it but you probably won’t go through the hassle of that ever again.

I didn’t have sex with anything or anyone because I got home super late from the concert and hanging out with my buddy. So, unfortunately, this is where I sign off.

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