I Love King Crimson But Hate Boston

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I’ve mentioned this before, but I hate Boston. I just think it’s a lame city. Like, some cities are gross (Los Angeles), or collapsing (Detroit), or violent (New Haven), or infested with hipsters (Portland), but Boston is just lame. It’s a very lame place filled with lame stuff. I totally accept that there are cool things about Boston and also accept that my hatred of the place is based more on emotion than fact, but still: it’s hard to ignore the fact that Boston is pretty lame. Anyway, I was in Boston to see a concert by a progressive rock group called King Crimson, which was awesome because they are musical gods and no one knows how much longer they’ll actually be performing in any capacity. Being in Boston didn’t totally ruin everything…in fact, the trip was very much enjoyable and wasn’t marred by the lame city of Boston in any way. So I guess I’ll just shut my mouth about Boston.

Anyway, here are some cool things that happened. This is me in front of a map of the Boston public transit system which me and my friends got lost on. We ended up riding in circles:

What the fuck is even going on here?

What the fuck is even going on here?

Here’s a picture of my ticket:

Sweet seats!

Sweet seats!

Here’s a picture of me eating a stack of onion rings:

I ate all of them. Every. Single. One.

I ate all of them. Every. Single. One.

And here’s a picture of the venue before the band took the stage:

That's right...three drummers!

That’s right…three drummers!

Probably only about 2 people in the world reading this blog even know who King Crimson is, so me going on and on about the show would be pointless. But to those two people: it was awesome. They played so much cool shit.

Anyway, I’ve gotta run off and have sex with some ladies now. I think Bella is first. Then Eloise. So I’ll check in later!

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  • You just don’t like Boston because of the accents from nearby. So how was Fripp and the boys?

    • Just do a search for the set list from the show and you’ll see what you missed! It was unbelievable.