The First Quickie!

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Well, here we are: the first Quickie! In case you’re lost, read this article. Basically it says that Daily Posts are now done and Quickies have taken their place, and you are now reading the very first Quickie, so aren’t you just so fucking special. If you’re such a new reader of Sexpressed that you don’t even remember a time when there were Daily Posts, then man are you in for a treat: if you read back you can experience over a year’s worth of my ramblings about what I’m doing, who I’m doing, and probably way too many thoughts on Battlestar Galactica. Just hover over “Blog” in the menu bar and click “Quickies” to read all the previous Daily Posts in reverse chronological order. Subsequently, click there to read all the new Quickies, too!

OK, let’s get down to business. First off, I’ve fucked Eloise’s pussy, mouth, and asshole a lot since I last was writing posts like these. You’ve missed out on some serious action. Luckily, from now on you’ll hear more about that as well as the other lovely ladies that are awesome enough to let me put things inside them. You’ll also get to hear about things I do that don’t involve my penis, like how I baked these muffins right here from scratch making up a recipe as I went along!

Blueberry Lemon, in case you're wondering.

Blueberry Lemon, in case you’re wondering.

Or how about the time I went in for a study on diabetes and was told that I’m like an X-Man for processing sugar…seriously! They had never seen a body process sugar as fast as mine did:

Fuck yeah, science!

Fuck yeah, science!

Eloise and I also bought a fireplace and put it on our deck. We didn’t have any furniture yet, so we used beach chairs…we now have plenty of furniture though, so don’t worry:

Fire is is clean...

Fire is bright…fire is clean…

I’ll also probably bring up stuff that I’m kind of embarrassed about so that it may be preserved on the internet forever and put my entire family to shame. Like the time my dad bought me a fucking fedora and I put it on to show Eloise and she told me that she was just going to pack her shit and leave:

What a fucking tool.

What a fucking tool.

Yep…lots and lots of stuff is coming your way, dear reader. If you want to know when the newest Quickie has been posted, be sure and follow me on Twitter. Or just visit the site every day and check. Do what you want, I don’t care.

Next time I check in I’ll talk about my date with another polyamorous lady and how we had sex in a dirty hotel room afterward. Bye!

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