Butts And Live Music

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Here’s a little tidbit about how I write a Quickie. I open up a blank blog post and immediately pick the title. Then I add the pictures to my media library and put in all the keywords I know I’m going to use. Then I optimize the SEO results for the post and, finally, choose when the post will go live on the site. In other words, the very last thing I do is actually write the post. Why do I do things this way? Shouldn’t I write the post first and then do all that stuff later? I do it my way because it gives me focus. I look at the pics and then say, “Ok, I have to talk about X, Y, and Z” and then come up with a title. Then I go off the title and just run with it. What you end up reading is pretty much unedited stream-of-consciousness thought. I go back and re-read my work looking for spelling and grammar errors, but generally I don’t edit anything after it’s written down. It keeps my Quickie work fun and kind of dangerous, which is good because talking about myself in Quickies would get boring and awkward otherwise.

Anyway, the reason I brought that up is because I picked the title of this Quickie and then went to start writing when I realized that I don’t have butts to show you. I have a butt to show you. Singular butt. I can talk about multiple butts, but I can only show you one because I only took one photo. But it was too late! I already picked the title! I can’t go back and change it, that would be against the rules I’ve placed on myself! So, if you’re upset because you came here expecting to see plural butts only to find that there’s only one butt, I apologize. But seriously, you get to see a butt, so fuck off. Here’s the butt in question: it’s Bella’s butt, right before I spanked, licked, and fucked it:

sexpressed Bella

Assume the position!

I also have had sex with Eloise a few times, but sadly not in her butt. I know, usually I’m fucking her butt all the time but it just hasn’t happened in the past week. I’m sure it will happen again soon, because her butt is awesome and she loves getting fucked in it.

Now on to the second part of the title: live music! In the time since I wrote the previous Quickie I have seen no less than four great bands play awesome concerts. First I saw The Church. They had a semi-big hit with “Under The Milky Way”, which is a great song, but their catalog is actually really varied and quite good. I recommend checking them out if you haven’t. Next up was The Psychedelic Furs…their big hit was “Pretty In Pink” (which was the inspiration for the movie of the same name) and they had a minor hit with “Love My Way”. They were also really good, and my dad and I enjoyed them. That’s right, I was seeing live music with my dad! My dad’s a cool guy, you would like him if you met him. Everyone likes him.

But the live music shenanigans didn’t stop there! Days later I saw Hum, the recently reunited space rock band from the 90’s that probably influenced every contemporary rock act you listen to, but yet you’ve still never heard of them. Their minor hit was called “Stars” and is fucking incredible. Their set was incredible, but it was even more than incredible because I had never seen them when they were originally together, so I’m so glad I got to see them before they break up permanently and I no longer have the chance. And then finally, I saw Failure, another recently reunited 90’s rock act that is unbelievably influential yet totally off the radar. You should just buy their whole album Fantastic Planet because it’s just…it’s fucking amazing.

Here’s a selfie I took before The Church took the stage:

sexpressed scott

A lot more people showed up than are in this pic.

Speaking of selfies, I’m on Snapchat now. Being on Snapchat is making me get a little bit better about taking pics of myself, which I’ve discussed recently I’m really bad at. Here’s a shot I took at one point:

sexpressed scott

My selfie game is weak.

I know, I know…I have a lot of work to do. Give an old man a break! It’s hard to keep up with the kids. But you can find me on Snapchat by my username, which is “Sexpressed”. Duh. Of course it is.

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