Woman Dies During Butt Implant Surgery

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Hey, you. Yes you, the person reading this article. You know what? Your butt is awesome. I love your butt. If you’re a lady I would love to bury my face in your butt because it’s so awesome. If you’re a dude, I would shake your hand and tell you that you have a nice butt. All our butts are awesome.

Now that we’ve established that we all have incredible butts, hopefully we can all agree that paying tons of cash to go through dangerous and useless butt lift surgery to try to make your butt better is a stupid idea. Our butts are all great just the way they are, so trying to artificially augment them is just not a good thing.

Unfortunately, our commitment to love our butts came too late for Ranika Hall, pictured. Ranika flew from her home town of Kansas City to South Florida for butt implants and died on the operating table. She was 25-years-old.

Scarily enough this is the second woman to die at the same clinic going through the same procedure. It is not clear whether or not both women died under the supervision of the same plastic surgeon. But either way: don’t get butt implants, and even if you do don’t ever go to Eres Plastic Surgery at 1738 West 49th Street in Hialeah, Florida, to do it.

And once again: I love your butt. Keep your butt the way it is.

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