Arranging A Threesome Is Fun!

Remember how I got sick over Christmas and was generally miserable? Well, apparently I didn’t really heal up from that. I thought it was just a quick little head cold or whatever, but it most likely was something considerably more severe because it led to me getting conjunctivitis! Conjunctivitis is more commonly known as “pink

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A Sick And Lonely Christmas

Christmas is normally a joyous time of year. Christmas trees, presents, cookies, Die Hard, etc., are all on deck. But this year was a sadder Christmas than most. It was certainly a lonely Christmas for me. You see, Eloise spent Christmas with her family in upstate New York which left me at the house by myself.

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OK, OK…There’s a Sexpressed Instagram Now

First there was Facebook. Those of you who have been here long enough to remember will know that I once had a Facebook profile. However, I took it down after repeatedly being temporarily banned due to posting links to Sexpressed articles. So I said “Fuck that,” deleted my profile, and focused my social networking energy

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