Uber Investigating “Rampant” Sexism Claim By Blogger

Man, Uber just can't catch a break. Their drivers keep raping customers (which I've written about a few times in this Newswire column), they didn't come out against Trump's stupid fucking immigration ban, and now they are being torn apart in a blog post by a woman who claims that she witnessed and experienced rampant

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Another Sexual Harassment Claim Against Bill O’Reilly Paid Off

One of the things that makes my blood boil the most is hearing about some celebrity doing something absolutely horrible and then finding out they will face almost no repercussions for their actions. Not only that, but inevitably their transgressions will be totally forgotten about in only a month's time, and they will once again

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Harvard Suspends Men’s Soccer Team For Crude “Scouting Report”

Last month, the student newspaper The Harvard Crimson published an article detailing a very lewd and unprofessional practice of the 2012 Harvard men's soccer team: the creation of a "scouting report" which is a collection of lewd remarks pertaining to the members of the Harvard women's soccer team. This "scouting report" included lewd comments like

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