I’m Gay And Don’t Like Anal Sex

Reader’s Question I am what has been called an “Oral Cock Worshiper”. As a gay man, my understanding is that my passion is anything to do with the cock, balls, semen, bulge, exhibitionism, gay incest, priapism, multi-cummers, and hypersexuals. I feel lonely because I’m gay and don’t like anal sex, giving or taking. I’ve

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VIDEO POST: My Girlfriend Gives Bad Blowjobs

https://youtu.be/hvEjz7zEams What do you do when your girlfriend gives you bad blowjobs? How do you nicely tell someone that they are bad at something without hurting their feelings? Especially when it comes to sex stuff? Scott has some tips! Ask A Question Sexpress Yourself Video Posts are released every Friday

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Man Writes “Sexual Favors” In Tax Check Memo

No one likes paying taxes. We all work hard for our money and having to fork over a fairly large chunk of it to the government can make you feel cheated. But taxes are important because they keep the infrastructure of our country alive as well as keep very important government programs afloat. Montana resident

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He Offered To Pay Me To Initiate Sex With Him

Reader’s Question A really weird thing happened with my boyfriend yesterday. For the record, I’m an 18-year-old girl and he’s 20-years-old. He offered to pay me to initiate sex with him. Usually when we have sex he comes on to me…I admit, I very rarely come on to him. I don’t know why, I

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