VIDEO POST: I’ve Never Had A Man Cum Inside Me A young female reader is on birth control and is excited to stop using condoms with her boyfriend. But she needs to know, "What happens when I let my boyfriend cum inside me?" It's a simple but important question! Ask A Question Sexpress Yourself Video Posts are released every

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Women Can Now Be Topless In Public In Fort Collins…For Now

All across the United States there are state-specific laws against women being topless in public. Many of them are unenforced but they are still there on the books, giving law enforcement the ability, if they so chose, to arrest and/or fine a woman for showing her breasts in the same fashion that men are allowed

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Heartbroken And Devastated

Reader’s Question I was reading your article regarding the guy whose girlfriend cheated on him in “Begging For Forgiveness”. In the article you mentioned that if his scenario was different, i.e. if he were in his 30’s with children, you would offer completely different advice. I am a woman in my 30’s and found

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