Catholic Priest Unsurprisingly Does Kinky Sex Things

Here on Sexpressed I write often about my own sexual adventures. Whether it's going to a large sex party, having threesomes, engaging in casual sex, or simply having sex with multiple partners in general, it's no secret that I have an open mind about sexuality. Sure, there are some people out there who think what

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Kinky Salon And Compersion

Well, as I promised last week, today’s Quickie will be full of sex! I’m gonna sneak some other stuff in here, but since I went to Kinky Salon NYC I certainly have plenty of sex to talk about. The theme for this party was “Casino” so there was poker and cocktail dresses and sparkly things.

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Here’s A GIF Of My Blinking Santa Hat At Kinky Salon

This past weekend was the last Kinky Salon NYC party of 2015. No more Kinky Salon until next year! Which is alright, because next year is what, 10 days away? I think I’ll make it through. The party theme last weekend was obviously Christmas/Holiday/Winter Solstice themed, so I spent a few dollars on a blinking

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