Fuck You 2016, Let’s Fuck Through 2017

FUCK YOU 2016. FUCK YOU 2016. FUCK YOU 2016. I just have to get a few more of those out of my system. I know everyone has been talking about how horrible 2016 has been and it's kind of cliché to even be talking about it, but come on: 2016 was pretty fucking terrible. So

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Zoe, Samantha, Eloise, And Some Sexpressed Business

First things first: congratulations to the winners of the 88th Academy Awards. I have never been a big awards show guy, but this is the second year in a row I’ve watched the Oscars telecast from beginning to end. Although it’s still waaayyyyy too long (seriously, it should be cut down to 2 hours or

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My First Gangbang

OK, before I even get into the Quickie today, let me be upfront and say that I’m sick as a motherfucker. And no, I don’t mean “sick” in the sense of “Whoa, dude, the 47th Fast And The Furious installment was fucking sick.” No, I mean I’m sick…I have streptococcal pharyngitis, which is more commonly know as strep throat. I’ve

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