Saudi Arabian Girls’ Council Features Zero Girls

When you do something notable you want to preserve it with pictures. Business grand openings, graduations, weddings...all preserved with photographs of the people involved smiling and saying, "Hey, we did a thing that we want to remember." Saudi Arabia did a thing: it created what they are calling a "girls' council" which aims to help

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Couple Detained In UAE For Having Pre-Marital Sex

Last time I was talking about the United Arab Emirates it was about a woman who had allegedly been gang raped while vacationing there. After she reported the rape, she was arrested for having sex out of wedlock, which is of course absolutely reprehensible. I encouraged people to not travel to the UAE because of

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Surprise! Crazy North Carolina Cult Is Exposed As Being Horrible

Cults are funny: even religious people think cults are fucked up. If you talk to a Christian about a cult, they will most likely call the cult crazy and feel bad for anyone who gets caught up in that insanity. But if you try to then explain that Christianity is just one big cult on

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Pastor Ties Teen Up, Rapes Her, Praises Jesus

Honestly, are we even surprised anymore when a religious cleric is exposed as being a child rapist? Or owning bestiality porn? Or stealing church money? Or doing any number of horrible, immoral, and illegal things while simultaneously preaching about Jesus? I certainly am not surprised anymore. So today's story will be incredibly not surprising. A

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