Another Scout Leader Is A Pedophile…Yawn

The Boy Scouts Of America, as an organization, doesn’t like gay people. They don’t like atheists at all, either. They’ve also had some serious troubles with trans individuals. Basically, anyone who isn’t a white, Christian, American-born citizen is the devil, as far as they’re concerned. Sure, they’ve made some strides in recent years due to

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Anti-Gay Pastor Guilty Of Child Molestation

As we've all come to know and accept, the more outspoken a person is against homosexuality (or sexuality in general), the more likely it is that that person secretly harbors sexual feelings that would make them a hypocrite. We've seen it time and time again, especially among Republicans here in the USA. So when a

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BYU Surprised That Giving Rape Victims A Voice Results In More Rape Victims Coming Forward

One of the cardinal mistakes people make is jumping to the conclusion that a heightened rate of something means that that thing must be happening more than ever. For example, if the amount of people who have an STI goes way up suddenly, that must mean that we have an STI epidemic going on, right?

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Woman Performs Household Circumcision On 4-Year-Old Boy

My parents had me circumcised. Obviously, I don't remember it. I don't remember if it hurt, I don't remember what it was like to not be circumcised, and I'm sure my parents barely remember the event themselves. For most people, circumcision is just what you do. But that doesn't mean it's natural. There has been

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Last Abortion Clinic In Kentucky In Danger Of Being Shut Down

When you want to take an organization down, you don't go for the throat. They protect the throat and ensure that it is not in danger. To take it down, you have to move small by attacking the feet. That seems like it will be hard and take a long time, but once you wear

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