Pastor Ties Teen Up, Rapes Her, Praises Jesus

Honestly, are we even surprised anymore when a religious cleric is exposed as being a child rapist? Or owning bestiality porn? Or stealing church money? Or doing any number of horrible, immoral, and illegal things while simultaneously preaching about Jesus? I certainly am not surprised anymore. So today's story will be incredibly not surprising. A

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Teen Girl Live Streams Rape Of Her Friend, Gets 9 Months

Back in April, 2016, a story broke about a teen girl who live-streamed the rape of her friend on the social network Periscope. Now sentencing has finally been handed down in that case, and Marina Lonina, pictured, got herself 9 months in jail for filming her friend being sexually assaulted by a man they'd just

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French Cop “Accidentally” Sodomizes Black Male Suspect

When I'm writing these Newswire posts, I sometimes skip over stories with themes that I've already covered recently. After all, I don't want every article to be about rape or child porn, you know? As such, I skipped over a recent story about a black man who claimed he was sodomized by a truncheon during

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UC Rape Victim Awarded $1.5 Million Settlement

Luz Portillo was sexually assaulted by a professor while she was a student at the University of California in 2015. She reported the incident to campus officials, who told her they would take swift action. However, the assault happened in June and and the professor wasn't removed until August...hardly "swift" action. Now the University of

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Three Swedish Men Rape Woman…Live On Facebook

What a long we've come with social networking, eh? I'm old enough to remember when social networking was a pipe dream, or at the very least a way for nerds to communicate with other nerds about nerdy shit. But now that everyone and their mother (and their grandmother!) at the very least has a Facebook

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