Man Raped At Knife Point By 17-Year-Old Girl

Men don't get raped nearly as much as women. That's a fact. No matter what the MRA's say on the internet, there is no peer-reviewed statistical evidence to show that men are raped at even a fraction of the rate women are, even when you include prison and military rape. But that doesn't mean that

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Cop Forcibly Searches Woman’s Vagina For Drugs…In Public

Not all cops are bad. There are some good cops out there...nay, some great cops. Saying all cops are bad is akin to saying all black people are poor, or all Jews are rich, or all British people love soccer. You're generalizing. That being said, today's story is about a seriously bad cop. Detective Angela

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Indian Man Comes Out As Gay, Parents Want “Corrective Rape”

The fear and hatred of homosexuality boggles my mind. What's the big fucking deal? Two dudes want to what? How does that effect you in any way? I can't comprehend how anyone would get even remotely upset about gays doing their gay thing, and I certainly can't comprehend the magnitude of fear and hate

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Girl Raped, Murdered, Infected With STD on 10th Birthday

Hold on a minute while I crack my knuckles...**crack**. OK, now I'm ready to ruin your fucking day. A few months ago a story broke about a 10-year-old girl who was raped and killed by her mother's boyfriend. Her mother, a meth addict, had allegedly held her daughter down during the rape. The mother also

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Man Convicted Of Rape After Secretly Removing Condom

Condoms are the greatest thing ever. I've gone on and on and on about condoms here on Sexpressed (here's a good article right here) so I won't beat a dead horse, but if you ever complain about having to use condoms just punch yourself in the face. Condoms are what allow you to have sex

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