“War Machine” Incredibly Guilty In Beating Of Porn Star Christy Mack

Way back in August of 2014, news broke that mega-babe and porn star Christy Mack was assaulted in her home by her ex-boyfriend Jonathan Koppenhaver, aka "War Machine" (his actual legal name). After Christy ended the abusive and turbulent relationship with War Machine, he broke into her home where she was with a male friend

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Man Admits To Sexual Assault…At Interview To Be A Cop

You should be very selective about who you admit your sexual exploits to. While many people you know will be chill with hearing about who you've been boning, some people may not take to it that well. This goes especially for those people who are maybe having sex a little outside of the norm. But

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Police Officer Pleads Guilty To Impregnating 14-Year-Old Girl

Not all cops are bad...but not all cops are good. Just this week there's been a few high-profile news stories about cops doing really bad shit thinking they'll get away with it because they're cops, like the cop who tried to convince an Uber driver that it was illegal to film his conversation with the

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That “Knees Together” Canadian Judge Has Resigned…Finally

Back in September, I wrote a Newswire about a Canadian judge who said some seriously horrible things to a rape victim. Justice Robin Camp, pictured, referred to a rape victim as "the accused", asked why she didn't keep her knees together during the assault, suggested that she should have put her ass into a sink

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Father Rapes Gay Daughter To Turn Her Straight

Many young people go through a period of sexual confusion. They question their own sexual urges and sometimes attach themselves to sexual labels that may or may not stick. It's a natural response to a very confusing and tumultuous time for all young people. That's why when your 16-year-old daughter tells you she's questioning her

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