He Offered To Pay Me To Initiate Sex With Him

Reader’s Question A really weird thing happened with my boyfriend yesterday. For the record, I’m an 18-year-old girl and he’s 20-years-old. He offered to pay me to initiate sex with him. Usually when we have sex he comes on to me…I admit, I very rarely come on to him. I don’t know why, I

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Teen Girl Forced To Have Sex With 1,000 Men In 2 Years

Can you imagine being a 14-year-old girl and spending 2 years of your life trapped in a shitty hotel being forced to have sex with multiple strange men every day? Can you imagine how awful that might be? What kind of price tag would you put on that kind of suffering? A million dollars? Ten

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192 People Arrested For Sex Crimes At Super Bowl LI

There's a myth that's floated around the internet for years that the Super Bowl (and other high-profile sporting events) are a hotbed for human traffickers. The reason the theory persists is that the vice departments up their ranks in anticipation of the events, and arrest numbers get blown out of proportion when reported. The bottom

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Former DEA Agent Indicted For Owning A Strip Club

When you become a DEA agent, there are certain questions you are asked. "Do you use drugs?" is probably one of them, and maybe "Do you sell drugs?" Yo have to answer these questions honestly or else you could be in huge trouble later on. Well, one of the questions is whether or not you

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PA School Gives Math Homework Involving Sex, Abuse, Pimps

Homework sucks. I haven't had to do homework in 15 years, but I can still vividly remember how much it sucked. But however much homework sucked for me is nothing in comparison to how much it's going to suck for the Pennsylvania high school officials who thought it appropriate to give algebra questions involving sex,

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