PA School Gives Math Homework Involving Sex, Abuse, Pimps

Homework sucks. I haven't had to do homework in 15 years, but I can still vividly remember how much it sucked. But however much homework sucked for me is nothing in comparison to how much it's going to suck for the Pennsylvania high school officials who thought it appropriate to give algebra questions involving sex,

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This whole saga just won't quit. I've already written a few Newswires about the woes of's one and here's another. Now it looks like things have escalated to the point where the company is being run off the road by the government through more illicit means than just, you know, due process and

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Catholic Priest Unsurprisingly Does Kinky Sex Things

Here on Sexpressed I write often about my own sexual adventures. Whether it's going to a large sex party, having threesomes, engaging in casual sex, or simply having sex with multiple partners in general, it's no secret that I have an open mind about sexuality. Sure, there are some people out there who think what

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Prostitution Sting Catches Deputy City Manager

Prostitution stings don't sit right with me. I mean, I get that prostitution is illegal. It shouldn't be, but for now it is and there's nothing I can really do about that. But when police lure someone into a prostitution situation and then spring a trap on them like they're some sort of super sleuths

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Take This Girl’s Virginity For A Million Euros

Taking the virginity of a hot, 18-year-old girl is definitely a major fantasy for lots of men around the world. Whether it's the idea of being "the first", the false notion that orifices are "tighter" the first time you put something in them, or some sort of religious purity fetish that drives these men to

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