Man Dreams His Wife Is Cheating, Strangles Her

Monogamy is a funny thing. When I tell people I live a non-monogamous lifestyle they sometimes get defensive. "Well, I could never do that, I'm far too jealous!" I've always found this ridiculous. Who thinks that jealousy is some sort of concrete aspect of one's personality? And who is so completely OK with that fact

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PA School Gives Math Homework Involving Sex, Abuse, Pimps

Homework sucks. I haven't had to do homework in 15 years, but I can still vividly remember how much it sucked. But however much homework sucked for me is nothing in comparison to how much it's going to suck for the Pennsylvania high school officials who thought it appropriate to give algebra questions involving sex,

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Man Rapes And Murders Girl, Her Mother Helps Him

Earlier this morning I had some good news to share about the pope being A-OK with women breastfeeding during church services. It was the kind of story that makes you smile and think that the world isn't the horrible fucked-up place you feel it in your heart to be. I found myself overwhelmed with a

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Woman Tries To Run Over Ex-Boyfriend, Blaring Christmas Music

Christmas time is a time of a joy, a time of happiness, a time of peace. But, according to Mary Jo Smith, 47, it's also a time to get drunk as fuck and attempt to run over your ex-boyfriend to the tune of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". On Monday this week, Smith's ex-boyfriend

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