Facebook Fails To Remove Child Porn

Last week I wrote a Newswire about how Facebook has been flagging pictures of women's tattooed breasts for removal and how that was causing some outrage. Yesterday I posted a Newswire about a private Facebook group dedicated to revenge porn-style photos of Marine servicewomen. And now I'm going to post a Newswire about Facebook failing

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Unmonitored College Sex Offender Showers With Children

There are plenty of posts here on Sexpressed where I discuss my issues with the sex offender registry and sex offender laws in general. To summarize, I feel that the sex offender list is entirely overrun with people who shouldn't be on it, and the laws need to be dismantled and completely rewritten to keep

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Australian Catholic Church Abuses 4,444 Children

The Academy Award-winning film Spotlight dealt with the drama surrounding The Boston Globe's investigation into child sexual abuse performed by priests in Catholic churches in the Boston area. The fallout from the article that the film dramatizes the creation of was enormous: it literally brought the church to its knees. Well, now it's Australia's turn.

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Woman Impersonates Child To Make False Rape Claim

False rape claims happen. Yes, they happen at a much, much lesser rate than actual rapes, but to pretend that people don't lie about being raped is naive and frankly dangerous. That's why it's so important to focus on concrete data and analysis and invesitgate all rape claims to the fullest extent to get an

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Parents Sold 12-Year-Old Daughter To 70-Year-Old Man

The world is so fucked up. I mean, Donald Trump is the fucking President of the United States. That alone is so severely fucked up that it makes my head spin. But not only is a fucking moron the goddamn president, but parents in India are selling their daughters to rapists. Sometimes I wonder if

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