Man Rapes And Murders Girl, Her Mother Helps Him

Earlier this morning I had some good news to share about the pope being A-OK with women breastfeeding during church services. It was the kind of story that makes you smile and think that the world isn't the horrible fucked-up place you feel it in your heart to be. I found myself overwhelmed with a

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Principal Stole Nude Photos From Students’ Phones

Pedophiles are some of the worst people alive, but sometimes you have to admire the ingenuity they have to accomplish their crimes. There have been some seriously creative ways that pedophiles have indulged in their pedophilia throughout the years, and today's story definitely belongs near the top of the list. Stephen Kyle Goodlett, pictured, was

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Turkey Child Rape Bill Withdrawn, Thank Fucking Christ

One of the ways wacky laws get passed is by sneaking them into large bundles of laws and hope that no one notices. The sneaky laws don't even have to have anything to do with the main law the bill is trying to put in's like legal piggybacking. Half the time lawmakers don't even

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Ex-Teacher Impregnated By Young Student Pleads Guilty

This turn of events for the court case against 24-year-old Alexandria Vera is sure to ruffle some feathers. From September 30th, 2015, to January 30th, 2016, Vera, pictured, had an ongoing romantic relationship with a 13-year-old male student. Vera was an English teacher at the time at a Houston-area middle school. During that time period,

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TN Court Says Filming Young Girls Nude Is Not Child Porn

Before I get into this story, I just want to say that Tennessee is a red state, and overwhelmingly supported Trump. In fact, 61.1% of voters there wanted the Orange One as their president, so you can only imagine how fucked up the state is. Anyway, let's talk about fathers filming their daughters and their

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