Arranging A Threesome Is Fun!

Remember how I got sick over Christmas and was generally miserable? Well, apparently I didn’t really heal up from that. I thought it was just a quick little head cold or whatever, but it most likely was something considerably more severe because it led to me getting conjunctivitis! Conjunctivitis is more commonly known as “pink

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Earliest Humans May Have Been Polygamists

Back in 1976, a set of footprints were found preserved in hardened volcanic rock in northern Tanzania. Scientists descended upon the site skeptical but were shocked to find that these footprints were made 3.7 million years ago by a pair of one of the earliest forms of humans. This discovery was huge because it suggests

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Goodbyes, Relationship Confusion, And Gangsta Signs

Last week’s Quickie was all about me doing nothing, and this week’s Quickie is going to be full of me doing, thinking, and feeling a lot…possibly even too much. But hey, that’s life, isn’t it? One day you’re sitting on your couch in the dark, amidst a pile of empty Pop-Tarts wrappers, watching Anal Whores In

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VIDEO POST: He Wants To Have An Open Relationship A reader's boyfriend has started researching open relationships and may want to have an open relationship himself. She can't even fathom the idea. Are they doomed to break up, or can this dichotomy work in the end? Ask A Question Sexpress Yourself Video Posts are released every Friday at

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