Fuck You 2016, Let’s Fuck Through 2017

FUCK YOU 2016. FUCK YOU 2016. FUCK YOU 2016. I just have to get a few more of those out of my system. I know everyone has been talking about how horrible 2016 has been and it's kind of cliché to even be talking about it, but come on: 2016 was pretty fucking terrible. So

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Pit Bull Saves Woman From Attempted Rape

We all could use some uplifting stories right about now. It's December, Christmas is right around the corner, Leonard Cohen just died, Buzz Aldrin is possibly going to be taken from us, Donald Trump is somehow the president, and I'm about 10 pounds heavier than I'd like to be. If we ever needed an uplifting

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Busiest Halloween Weekend Ever With A Halloween Sex Party

Happy day-after-Halloween, everyone! I hope your costumes were awesome, I hope your kids (and you) got a lot of candy, and I hope you totally banged someone. If you’re not spending your Halloween dressing up, eating candy, and bumping genitals, then you’re doing life wrong. You need to take a serious look in the mirror

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NYC Public Internet Kiosks Shut Down Because Porn

Even in New York City, the most famous city in the world and home to some of the most important, intelligent, and prominent people of our lifetimes, can't be bothered to accept the fact that the internet was made for pornography. At the beginning of this year, LinkNYC rolled out their internet kiosks: places where

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