He Offered To Pay Me To Initiate Sex With Him

Reader’s Question A really weird thing happened with my boyfriend yesterday. For the record, I’m an 18-year-old girl and he’s 20-years-old. He offered to pay me to initiate sex with him. Usually when we have sex he comes on to me…I admit, I very rarely come on to him. I don’t know why, I

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White Girl With Black Boyfriend Needs Free Money

To be perfectly clear: I am running a crowdfunding campaign right now. Crowdfunding is cool; I obviously have no problem with crowdfunding because I am participating in a crowdfunding program. I'm only pointing this out because I'm about to get all nasty about a story that involves crowdfunding, and I don't want anyone to come

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Goodbyes, Relationship Confusion, And Gangsta Signs

Last week’s Quickie was all about me doing nothing, and this week’s Quickie is going to be full of me doing, thinking, and feeling a lot…possibly even too much. But hey, that’s life, isn’t it? One day you’re sitting on your couch in the dark, amidst a pile of empty Pop-Tarts wrappers, watching Anal Whores In

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Man Smuggles Gold Out Of Mint Using Rectum

The picture you see connected to this article is of a man named Leston Lawrence being checked by a security guard with a metal detector in the security area of the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa. This standard procedure is done frequently during any security guard shift, for obvious reasons. But that handheld metal detector

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