Bill Letting Adoption Agencies Reject Gay Couples Makes Progress

Believe it or not, same-sex couples adopting children has only been legal in all 50 states since June 26, 2015. Before then, there were still states where it was actually illegal for a gay couple, no matter how educated, affluent, or dedicated, to adopt a child. Well, this is the administration obsessed with turning back

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Women Can Now Be Topless In Public In Fort Collins…For Now

All across the United States there are state-specific laws against women being topless in public. Many of them are unenforced but they are still there on the books, giving law enforcement the ability, if they so chose, to arrest and/or fine a woman for showing her breasts in the same fashion that men are allowed

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Yakuza Attacked Nurse Over Botched Genital Surgery

Sometimes when I'm finding things online to post about in these Newswires, I sometimes find myself wishing I had more information. There are plenty of articles out there that are very thorough in their reporting so I'm left feeling like I got the whole picture, but sometimes I read a whole piece and scratch my

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English Heterosexual Couples Cannot Be In Civil Partnerships

Full disclosure: I am not from the United Kingdom. Laws in the UK and laws in the US are very similar but there are significant differences. As such, as I explain this news I'm going to be trying to summarize English law...and may fuck up. So take my explanation here with a grain of salt

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