192 People Arrested For Sex Crimes At Super Bowl LI

There's a myth that's floated around the internet for years that the Super Bowl (and other high-profile sporting events) are a hotbed for human traffickers. The reason the theory persists is that the vice departments up their ranks in anticipation of the events, and arrest numbers get blown out of proportion when reported. The bottom

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Parents Sold 12-Year-Old Daughter To 70-Year-Old Man

The world is so fucked up. I mean, Donald Trump is the fucking President of the United States. That alone is so severely fucked up that it makes my head spin. But not only is a fucking moron the goddamn president, but parents in India are selling their daughters to rapists. Sometimes I wonder if

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Backpage.com Goes Dark, Cites Government Pressure

This whole Backpage.com saga just won't quit. I've already written a few Newswires about the woes of Backpage.com...here's one and here's another. Now it looks like things have escalated to the point where the company is being run off the road by the government through more illicit means than just, you know, due process and

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Uber Driver Saves 16-Year-Old Girl From Sex Trafficking

For once I get to write a Newswire about an Uber driver doing something good! It seems all I ever write about Uber drivers is how they are raping and assaulting their female fares. Just search for "Uber" in the Sexpressed search bar and you'll see what I mean. But not today! Today the Uber

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Charges Dropped From Backpage.com Suit

Remember back in October when I posted this Newswire about the CEO of Backpage.com being arrested on some totally bullshit charges? Remember how I said they wouldn't stick and the whole thing is a farce? Well, wouldn't you know it...here I am a month later to tell you that all of the charges against Carl

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