Mother Accused Of Sex Trafficking Her 3-Year-Old Daughter

The love of your mother is supposed to be eternal. You came into this world as a direct result of her carrying you, developing you, feeding you, nurturing and your mother are connected on such a significant and deep level that it's likely no other bond could even compare. That's why people like Kelsey

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TN Couple Arrested For Trying To Sell Baby On Craigslist

Sometimes criminal charges that are filed against people confuse me. Like, sometimes men rape women and the men get charged with something like, "aggravated assault". What the fuck does that even mean? He raped her, charge him with rape. A couple in Tennessee's Green County were just arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse, child

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Teen Girl Forced To Have Sex With 1,000 Men In 2 Years

Can you imagine being a 14-year-old girl and spending 2 years of your life trapped in a shitty hotel being forced to have sex with multiple strange men every day? Can you imagine how awful that might be? What kind of price tag would you put on that kind of suffering? A million dollars? Ten

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192 People Arrested For Sex Crimes At Super Bowl LI

There's a myth that's floated around the internet for years that the Super Bowl (and other high-profile sporting events) are a hotbed for human traffickers. The reason the theory persists is that the vice departments up their ranks in anticipation of the events, and arrest numbers get blown out of proportion when reported. The bottom

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Parents Sold 12-Year-Old Daughter To 70-Year-Old Man

The world is so fucked up. I mean, Donald Trump is the fucking President of the United States. That alone is so severely fucked up that it makes my head spin. But not only is a fucking moron the goddamn president, but parents in India are selling their daughters to rapists. Sometimes I wonder if

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