Goes Dark, Cites Government Pressure

This whole saga just won't quit. I've already written a few Newswires about the woes of's one and here's another. Now it looks like things have escalated to the point where the company is being run off the road by the government through more illicit means than just, you know, due process and

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Uber Driver Saves 16-Year-Old Girl From Sex Trafficking

For once I get to write a Newswire about an Uber driver doing something good! It seems all I ever write about Uber drivers is how they are raping and assaulting their female fares. Just search for "Uber" in the Sexpressed search bar and you'll see what I mean. But not today! Today the Uber

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Charges Dropped From Suit

Remember back in October when I posted this Newswire about the CEO of being arrested on some totally bullshit charges? Remember how I said they wouldn't stick and the whole thing is a farce? Well, wouldn't you know I am a month later to tell you that all of the charges against Carl

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CEO Of Arrested, Laughs It Off, for those of you who don't know, is like Craigslist but pretty much specifically for things that involve sex. It is and has been the go-to site for sex workers of all kinds to advertise their services. A user can access the site anonymously and for free, just like Craigslist, and find themselves a

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52-Year-Old Woman Ran “At Least A Dozen” Brothels

Many residents living in northwest Dallas, TX, will have to find a different place to pay women for sex as the feds just arrested a woman who allegedly ran at least a dozen brothels based out of private homes and Korean massage parlors. Sun Im Mount (her last name is "Mount", seriously) is a 52-year-old

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