Newborns With Syphilis Becoming Huge Problem

Of all the STI's one could get, syphilis is probably the "best" one. Sure, you should be avoiding ALL sexually transmitted infections as much as you possibly can, but syphilis (as of right now) is so easy to treat: you take some pills for a few weeks and poof, it's gone. Forever! Of course, for

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How Long To Wait Before Unprotected Sex

Reader’s Question 19-year-old straight male. I hooked up with an 18-year-old bisexual female two weeks ago. Casual thing. A week later she had unprotected sex with another guy. We are hooking up next week again. If she’s had unprotected sex with someone else, how long do I have to wait before unprotected sex can happen

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Guy Invents Product That Glues Labia Together

Tampons suck, right? Obviously I don't have to use them but I'm fully aware of how much they suck. And pads? Man, those things are even worse. In fact, the whole concept of menstruation really blows. But what can you do? Evolution has cursed women with the need to menstruate so a girl's gotta do

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STI Scare Is Over, Let’s Watch The Monkeys Do It

Last week I talked about how I had a bit of an STI scare. Well, I’m happy to announce that I am in the clear! Woo hoo! Turns out my concerns were more-than-likely related to when I was sick at the beginning of the year. I’m going to get tested again in a week or

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The Safe Use Of Dildos

Reader’s Question Scott, I have a question about the safe use of dildos, for a male (rectal), a topic I do not see discussed online (in my searches). I have two dildos, one is small, the other on the larger side (not huge!), both made of feels-real material. Lately, I’ve experienced a series of tears

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