Incredibly Sexist Billboard Pops Up In North Carolina

Anyone can get a billboard put up. It's not even as expensive as you think it might be. With some rudimentary graphic design skills, you could design the billboard for free in a matter of minutes, and only a week or two later your billboard is up for the world to see. It's a wonder

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Women Can Now Be Topless In Public In Fort Collins…For Now

All across the United States there are state-specific laws against women being topless in public. Many of them are unenforced but they are still there on the books, giving law enforcement the ability, if they so chose, to arrest and/or fine a woman for showing her breasts in the same fashion that men are allowed

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Yale Student Group Wants Women In All-Male Frats

Finally, I get to write a Newswire that hits close to home! For those of you just tuning in here at Sexpressed, I live in Connecticut, which is the home of Yale University. And this news story is all about Yale, so I get to talk about my home state! Unfortunately, today's news is fucking

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Uber Investigating “Rampant” Sexism Claim By Blogger

Man, Uber just can't catch a break. Their drivers keep raping customers (which I've written about a few times in this Newswire column), they didn't come out against Trump's stupid fucking immigration ban, and now they are being torn apart in a blog post by a woman who claims that she witnessed and experienced rampant

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Colorado And Illinois Now Have Over-The-Counter Birth Control

Let's say you're a woman who wants to take some birth control pills. You are sexually active and want to fuck people, but want to do whatever you can to avoid getting pregnant before you're ready for children. How do you get that birth control? Well, you can't just walk into a pharmacy and pick

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