Iran Leader: Gender Equality Will Destroy Human Society

Societies across the globe really hate women. Laws are made to keep women subjugated, business have rules that prevent women from progressing in the work place, and societal norms weigh heavy on young girls so that they grow up into thinking they simply didn't have a choice. But of all the things out there that

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Saudi Arabian Girls’ Council Features Zero Girls

When you do something notable you want to preserve it with pictures. Business grand openings, graduations, weddings...all preserved with photographs of the people involved smiling and saying, "Hey, we did a thing that we want to remember." Saudi Arabia did a thing: it created what they are calling a "girls' council" which aims to help

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That “Knees Together” Canadian Judge Has Resigned…Finally

Back in September, I wrote a Newswire about a Canadian judge who said some seriously horrible things to a rape victim. Justice Robin Camp, pictured, referred to a rape victim as "the accused", asked why she didn't keep her knees together during the assault, suggested that she should have put her ass into a sink

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Prison Retracts Bra-Removal Rule For Visitors

When you visit someone in prison, there are a few things you have to do. For one, you have to sign in with proper identification. You have to be told the rules for visitors and sometimes even go through a brief training course. You have to go through a metal detector and get pat down

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Facebook Restores Nipple Tattoo Photos

The rules are simple on Facebook: no nipples, no pubic hair, no pussies, no dicks, no buttholes. If you post a photo that depicts one or more things on that list, the photo will be deleted. They have bots crawling the site 24 hours a day, as well as human engineers who are monitoring the

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