Man Raped At Knife Point By 17-Year-Old Girl

Men don't get raped nearly as much as women. That's a fact. No matter what the MRA's say on the internet, there is no peer-reviewed statistical evidence to show that men are raped at even a fraction of the rate women are, even when you include prison and military rape. But that doesn't mean that

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CT Politician Grabs Woman By The Pussy

This is the first Newswire article ever, I think, where the news is specifically local to my home state of Connecticut! Sure, there have been articles that involve all states and even ones that involve local areas surrounding Connecticut, but this one is 100% Connecticut news. I feel so proud to live here! Oh, wait,

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Pope Is Totally Chill With Breastfeeding In Church

The current pope is pretty cool. I mean, he's still the pope and thus still has some seriously backwards views about society and still believes in things like talking snakes, magic wands that can part large bodies of water, and a dude who came back to life like a zombie. But compared to the last

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Overly-Sensitive Morons Think Horse Mascot Is Sexist

The new Frederick Douglass High School in Lexington, KY, unveiled their new mascot earlier this week: a stallion. Kentucky, home of the Kentucky Derby (obviously), has a long tradition with horses and horse imagery, so it's only natural that the school sports mascot be something horse related. But there's been an "outcry" among students, parents,

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DoD Acknowledges That Men Also Get Raped

The Men's Rights Movement that has become more and more popular each year is filled with males who are angry, bitter, and hateful towards women. The movement seems to be less about fixing issues men have when it comes to society's mistreatment of their gender and more about bashing feminists and women in general. The

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