Last Abortion Clinic In Kentucky In Danger Of Being Shut Down

When you want to take an organization down, you don't go for the throat. They protect the throat and ensure that it is not in danger. To take it down, you have to move small by attacking the feet. That seems like it will be hard and take a long time, but once you wear

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Man Successfully Pretends To Be Miami Dolphin, Scores Chicks

To be completely honest, this story is kind of awesome. It reminds me of the movie Catch Me If You Can, although obviously on a much smaller scale. I know what this guy is doing is wrong, but it's also kind of charming...and he's clearly a genius. In 2014, the Miami Dolphins had a "Regional

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Iran Leader: Gender Equality Will Destroy Human Society

Societies across the globe really hate women. Laws are made to keep women subjugated, business have rules that prevent women from progressing in the work place, and societal norms weigh heavy on young girls so that they grow up into thinking they simply didn't have a choice. But of all the things out there that

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Saudi Arabian Girls’ Council Features Zero Girls

When you do something notable you want to preserve it with pictures. Business grand openings, graduations, weddings...all preserved with photographs of the people involved smiling and saying, "Hey, we did a thing that we want to remember." Saudi Arabia did a thing: it created what they are calling a "girls' council" which aims to help

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