A Sexpressed Threesome And Geek Out

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about threesomes here on Sexpressed. People loooovvvee threesomes. I know that because the keyword “threesome” and other related terms are a big draw for the site. People put the word “threesome” into a search engine and then somehow end up here, maybe to read this article, or this

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FBI Pays Geek Squad To Search For Child Porn

When your car has a problem you take it to an auto mechanic. The auto mechanic's job is to look over your car and determine what is wrong with it. He or she is able to do this because they have been trained to know the inner workings of an automobile, something you know fuck

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SC Bill Would Block Porn On Every Computer Sold

You can't stop porn. It's here and it's never going anywhere. It is only going to get easier and easier for people to access and become more and more acceptable for people to consume. If you are against porn and are trying to stop people from making or watching it, you are fighting a losing

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Text Messaging Is Ruining Relationships

A concerning thing has been happening to our society in the past few years when it comes to dating, relationships, and friendships. It happened so subtly and so quickly that we didn’t even really seem to notice it until it had already changed everything for the worse. In fact, even if someone had tried to

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