A Sick And Lonely Christmas

Christmas is normally a joyous time of year. Christmas trees, presents, cookies, Die Hard, etc., are all on deck. But this year was a sadder Christmas than most. It was certainly a lonely Christmas for me. You see, Eloise spent Christmas with her family in upstate New York which left me at the house by myself.

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Woman Tries To Run Over Ex-Boyfriend, Blaring Christmas Music

Christmas time is a time of a joy, a time of happiness, a time of peace. But, according to Mary Jo Smith, 47, it's also a time to get drunk as fuck and attempt to run over your ex-boyfriend to the tune of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". On Monday this week, Smith's ex-boyfriend

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Christmas Sex And Baker’s Hats

Sigh…Christmas is over. It will be nearly a year before it is upon us again, which is sad. But what’s even MORE sad is that now we’re in the “after Christmas” time, which is the worst. Let’s see, what do we have to look forward to: New Year’s Eve (bleh), my birthday (double bleh), and 3

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Here’s A GIF Of My Blinking Santa Hat At Kinky Salon

This past weekend was the last Kinky Salon NYC party of 2015. No more Kinky Salon until next year! Which is alright, because next year is what, 10 days away? I think I’ll make it through. The party theme last weekend was obviously Christmas/Holiday/Winter Solstice themed, so I spent a few dollars on a blinking

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