Australian Catholic Church Abuses 4,444 Children

The Academy Award-winning film Spotlight dealt with the drama surrounding The Boston Globe's investigation into child sexual abuse performed by priests in Catholic churches in the Boston area. The fallout from the article that the film dramatizes the creation of was enormous: it literally brought the church to its knees. Well, now it's Australia's turn.

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Pope Is Totally Chill With Breastfeeding In Church

The current pope is pretty cool. I mean, he's still the pope and thus still has some seriously backwards views about society and still believes in things like talking snakes, magic wands that can part large bodies of water, and a dude who came back to life like a zombie. But compared to the last

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Catholic Priest Unsurprisingly Does Kinky Sex Things

Here on Sexpressed I write often about my own sexual adventures. Whether it's going to a large sex party, having threesomes, engaging in casual sex, or simply having sex with multiple partners in general, it's no secret that I have an open mind about sexuality. Sure, there are some people out there who think what

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