Other Guy Who Caused Fappening Sentenced To 9 Months

Back in October I wrote a Newswire about how a guy named Ryan Collins pleaded guilty to causing "The Fappening", which is the (proper) colloquial term for the large leak of celebrity nude photos from women like Jennifer Lawrence, pictured, Kate Upton, Gabrielle Union, and more. But he wasn't alone when he hacked the accounts

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Another Sexual Harassment Claim Against Bill O’Reilly Paid Off

One of the things that makes my blood boil the most is hearing about some celebrity doing something absolutely horrible and then finding out they will face almost no repercussions for their actions. Not only that, but inevitably their transgressions will be totally forgotten about in only a month's time, and they will once again

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It’s Confirmed: Leia And Han Solo Were Totally Fucking

Everyone who has seen the original Star Wars has simply assumed that Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher were actually fucking. You can see it on camera that they clearly lusted after each other. Up until now though, there was no proof that it was actually happening. Sure, there were little bits of scandalous information leaked

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“Fappening” Hacker Sentenced To 18 Months

As previously reported here on Sexpressed in a Newswire called Guy Who Caused "The Fappening" Will Plead Guilty", Ryan Collins, elite hacker and hero to many bros and fuckbois around the world, fully admits to his crime of illegally accessing private data of over 600 people. Rather than waste the court's time by pleading innocent

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Anthony Weiner Does That Thing With A 15-Year-Old

Jesus, I'm going to have to make a whole site specifically dedicated to Anthony Weiner and the fact that he simply can't keep his WEINER in his pants. You see what I did there? See, his last name is Weiner and he keeps doing things with his penis, which is sometimes called a weiner. OK,

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