Here’s A GIF Of My Blinking Santa Hat At Kinky Salon

This past weekend was the last Kinky Salon NYC party of 2015. No more Kinky Salon until next year! Which is alright, because next year is what, 10 days away? I think I’ll make it through. The party theme last weekend was obviously Christmas/Holiday/Winter Solstice themed, so I spent a few dollars on a blinking

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Scott And Bella…What’s Going On?

Over the past few months I’ve been mentioning Bella a little bit less than usual, and a few Quickies ago I mentioned that something had happened and I would be explaining it soon. Well, I’m here now to follow through on my promise and dish out the story for anyone who cares to read it.

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Sex Parties, Eloise Porn Scene, And The Best Movie Theatre Ever

Ok, I’ve got a lot to cover in this Quickie so I’m just going to dive right into things or else it’ll turn into a Longie…and no one likes Longies! The first thing I need to talk about is pretty cool, which is that Eloise and I shot a new porn scene together. It’s called

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