Man Dreams His Wife Is Cheating, Strangles Her

Monogamy is a funny thing. When I tell people I live a non-monogamous lifestyle they sometimes get defensive. "Well, I could never do that, I'm far too jealous!" I've always found this ridiculous. Who thinks that jealousy is some sort of concrete aspect of one's personality? And who is so completely OK with that fact

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CT Politician Grabs Woman By The Pussy

This is the first Newswire article ever, I think, where the news is specifically local to my home state of Connecticut! Sure, there have been articles that involve all states and even ones that involve local areas surrounding Connecticut, but this one is 100% Connecticut news. I feel so proud to live here! Oh, wait,

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14 Women Sue

Back in the day, shooting a porn scene involved a lot: multiple high-quality cameras, lights, a full crew, an elaborate set, catering, a manufacturing company for the physical video to sell, a website to promote it, magazine ads, and not to mention the talent to actually screw on camera. You wouldn't need a Hollywood budget

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Walmart Stalker Squirts His Semen At Women Using Syringe

There are some odd fetishes out there. Some are odd but benign, like the Furry fetish where people dress up as animals/mascots/fantasy creatures. Sure, it's kinda weird but hey, it's a free country and you should do what you want. But some fetishes are both weird and unacceptable, and until today I had never heard

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Man Cleared Of Rape After 25 Of His 26 Year Sentence

We hear about people being let out of prison for crimes they didn't commit quite often. Sure, there are wayyyy more people put behind bars who actually committed the crimes they were convicted of, but a small but significant amount of people go to jail for years when they didn't do jack shit. They were

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