Meet The Star Of “How To Take Sexy Selfies”!

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Oh man, I am sooooo ready for this next Sexpressed How To video! In case you haven’t been following along, the next video is called “How To Take Sexy Selfies“. It will be primarily focused on helping girls take sexy naked pics of themselves using nothing but their mobile phone. I got the idea from this Sexpress Yourself post that is all about the same topic and is consequently one of the most popular posts in Sexpressed history. In fact, I still get photos from girls all around the world asking me to critique their nudes after they read that post. So clearly this is a topic that girls are interested in…and come on, guys are interested in it too. Because boobs.

A lot of details have been wrapped up for this next shoot, so I can finally make some announcements about it! First off, the star of “How To Take Sexy Selfies” is a lovely girl by the name of Camilla Lush! She’s a gorgeous tattooed Canadian who has done some work in the adult industry, but never anything like a Sexpressed video. She is super smart, very funny, and mega excited about coming to the USA to help girls across the world feel great about their bodies and take hot pics to show themselves off. Here’s a sexy photo of Camilla being sexy:

camilla lush

The selfie game is clearly strong with this one 🙂

You can see more photos of her being stunning and awesome at her Instagram and Twitter pages. Be sure to follow her!

The shoot for “How To Take Sexy Selfies” will happen the weekend of July 15th in Jersey City, NJ (no Jersey Shore jokes please, it’s a beautiful city). Anthony, the star of “How To Cum Like A Porn Star“, will be on hand to help out, which is cool because it will be like a mash-up of Sexpressed video talent. Eloise will be coming too, which is good because some of the best ideas for past Sexpressed videos came from her considerably large brain. I’m also hoping that Samantha will be able to come by again like she did for the previous shoot. It’s going to be a team of Sexpressed alums!

I’ll have more info about the shoot and about the super fun bonus content as we get closer to July 15th. Be on the lookout!

What’s been going on with me over the past week? Eloise and I went out with the new girl I’m seeing who has yet to pick a Sexpressed name. I’m seeing her tomorrow so I will absolutely get her to pick a name then so I don’t have to keep referring to her like one does to Voldemort. The three of us went out for burgers and ice cream, because this is America and it was Independence Day Weekend so we did American things. Before the three of us went out though, me and she-who-will-not-be-named went out on a blow-up raft for a ride on a river that runs through our city. Here’s a pic of me, a plastic oar, and you-know-who’s legs:

sexpressed scott

I’M ON A BOAT. Remember that reference? No? OK.

Eloise and I also got together with Zoe, which was really nice. Zoe is a bit emotional since she’s going through some pretty painful transitions. But even though there were some tears shed and some emotional processing going on, it ended on a high note because we love and support Zoe and are going to be there for her. By the end of the evening, our belly’s were full of Indian food and cookies, and we had watched a few episodes of Cosmos. What could possibly be better?

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