A Sick And Lonely Christmas

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Christmas is normally a joyous time of year. Christmas trees, presents, cookies, Die Hard, etc., are all on deck. But this year was a sadder Christmas than most. It was certainly a lonely Christmas for me. You see, Eloise spent Christmas with her family in upstate New York which left me at the house by myself. I like being by myself so it wasn’t all bad, but it definitely didn’t feel like Christmas usually feels as most of the cliché Christmas stuff just wasn’t on hand.

Making things doubly difficult was the fact that sometime on Friday nite I got pretty sick. Just a head cold, so no big deal, but it made Christmas Eve and Christmas Day considerably less enjoyable than they would have been. I went to a friend’s house on Christmas Day and I was only there for a few hours before I had to take my leave because I simply needed to get back home to bed. So that sucked. Honestly, it was a pretty sucky Christmas this year…certainly the suckiest one I can remember.

But this week wasn’t all bad. I got to see my Dad last week, which is always nice. We went out for pizza and watched the movie Green Room, which was fucking awesome. I had seen it before but even after the second viewing I was still super into it. My poor dad was cringing on the couch the entire time…the movie is fucking intense. Then I got to see Ada…we had a slumber party, basically, where we had pizza (so much pizza in my life right now!), drank hot cocoa, played video games, watched a movie, and had sex. It was like being 15 again. For the record, Ada is way better at Portal 2 than I am. Way better. I also got to see Zoe. She came over and we had dinner and watched Kinsey, which I thought was an important movie for her to see. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. It takes some serious artistic license with Kinsey’s life and work, so don’t use it for a history report or anything, but it is a great movie that gets across the basic idea of who Kinsey was and what he was trying to do. Fascinating stuff.

Other than all that though, I just kind of lazed around the house being a sick person. Here’s a shot of me being sad in my sick person gear. The cat was trying to make me feel better:

lonely christmas

Sad face.

I did make use of my sick time by doing a reddit AMA to promote my book, How To Go On A Date: A Sexpressed Guide. Like what happened in my last AMA attempt, I got a lot of great questions but the thread got downvoted to hell. I don’t really get how an AMA could have so much interaction from people and still get downvoted. I feel like the things should be one and the same: lots of questions, lots of answers, lots of upvotes. But I guess not. Anyway, if you want to read the AMA you can go here. Some good stuff in there.

I hope you all had a better Christmas than mine. This weekend is New Year’s Eve and I’m planning on going to some crazy sex parties. So look out, because next week’s Quickie is going to be poppin’!

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